Written by Anonymous

23 Aug 2009

it all started some time ago , my girl friend deb was very quiet and shy , i used to encourage her to go out with her friends have a few drinks and if a guy she liked started chatting her up go with the flow and see what happens , this was going on for nine months , she got the od kiss (what she would allow)then the od passionate kiss and groap , to one night she let a guy finger her and give her a orgasm , every night she came home i was waiting up for her ,she always told me what happened in great detail , it used to turn me on so mutch we used to fuck all night ,,,, she used to say she would never go any further than a finger orgasm ,,,,,. i would ask why not ? at this stage nine months had gone by,,,,, a night was comming up in octobour one of her friends birthday was comming up it was a girls night out,,no husbands or boyfriends allowed , dropped her in town to meet her friends early (six oc) she was getting ready since 3oc,,,,,,,,, she wore a very revealing dress more tit showing than usual, she looked good , i started feeling her up she was getting turned on . i suggested leaving her nickers at home she might get luckey , with hesation she alloud me take them off , ,,,,,,,, i sat at home watching tv and hoping she might get more than fingrt fuck ,,,, around 11oc got a txt from deb(very unusual) asking did i love her, i txt back yes of course i did ,,, i phoned her ,,,whats wrong i asked ,she said there is a guy that she liked with her and she wanted to fuck him , my heart dropped ,,, of course u can my love i said ,(i was encouriging her to do it for the last 9 months)enjoy ur self and have fun , i will wait up for u i said,,,,,, hours passed ,,it was near 2oc got a call ,,its deb it will be late when i get home , we have met up with a stag party ,going back to there hotel ,ok love be careful i said,,,,,,, 3oc 4oc 5oc 6oc 6.30 phone rang , will u collect me , of course love i said ,,, deb said no taxi ,,,,, i drove to the center of town , near the hotel there she was , she sat in i asked how she was , she took my hand and put it between her legs ,, the cum was flowing out of her then i noticed some on her hair and face ,,, it had flowed down the inside of her legs,,,we got home she told me how she had4 guys 3in her pussey one in her mouth and she loved it ,i licked her pussey clean she tasted great ,love her more now the thought of 3 cocks filling her up is so good ,i have a hard cock when i think about it, and she has done more since but this was the most memorable (