Written by smurff1979

1 Nov 2009

ive been friends with a guy for 15 years up until recently for those 15 years ive stuck by him true alot ,,lies beating his old girlfriends but he finally did something that has finished our friendship. months passed then one day i bumped into his girlfriend and we chatted she told me she left him so we exchanged numbers to keep in touch ....after a few weeks txting we met up 4 a chat she asked if i was still with my girlfriend !! but i told her a little lie and said no ,,suddanly she asked me ta kiss her . i did and liked it next thing i was taking her top off my cock just stood to attention when i seen her tits !her nipples were rock hard i sucked and licked em .i remember her opening my jeans and taking my cock out i got a sweet blowjob for 15 minutes or more before finally fucking her senceless and just pulled out in time ta cum all over her face,, ive never cum so hard in my life.. when i got home i showered straight away so my girlfriend wudnt supect anything!! following day i txt jen and she said she knew i was still with my girlfriend so i owned up ,her boyfriend rang her a few days later trying to get back with her but she told him she was fucking me to get over it ,only he called to my house drunk and told my missus ... the next day i lot it and went looking for him we had words but then as we talked i started getting horny dont know why but i kissed him and to my suprise he kissed back ,,we spent hours that day together i came two or three times so did he and we meet a few times a week only thing is im still fucking his ex and i will keep fucking both as long as it lasts!!!! best of both worlds.