Written by shavensean

19 Jul 2009

One night, I decided to join a site similar to this, out of sheer boredom. Trawling through the profiles, sending emails wondering if anything was going to happen, when by chance, I got chatting to a young married couple '“ Mark & Laura '“ from my neck of the woods.

The chatting kept going for a few weeks, and though as a straight guy I'd never imagined meeting up with a couple, Laura was hot enough (and dirty enough!) to change my mind. I had spent most of my time chatting to her, swapping some pics and having some very kinky cybersex. Mark, I'd had much less contact with, but when they suggested a night in a discreet hotel, I jumped at the offer.

As I drove to the hotel, my heart rate seemed to increase with each passing mile. The thought that I was about to meet up with a couple, and fuck a man's wife right in front of him (and with his help) just seemed too surreal. One thing I wasn't nervous about though was my own performance, as my cock was already on the verge of hardness, and I was sure just one dirty word from Laura and I'd be good to go!

Reaching the hotel door, I took a deep breath and walked into the lobby, and there, as promised, was Laura. She was the kind of girl who might never be considered the hottest in a bar, but once you let your eyes linger, you couldn't deny there was something damn sexy about her. Her brown hair came down to her shoulders, and there was a mischievous glint in her equally brown eyes. Her full red-lips curved into a warm smile when she saw me, and she quickly walked over, pecked me on the cheek and said `Lets get you upstairs'. She must have seen my surprise, as she quickly followed up with `Don't worry, you can just drop off your bag and we'll come back down for a bit of dinner'.

As she walked ahead of me to the lift, my nerves subsided as my cock grew hard, watching her hips sway under a knee-length skirt. Alone together in the lift, I made no secret of taking in her whole appearance, and couldn't resist a smile at her rather demure blouse, unbuttoned just enough to hint at the fantastic tits hidden away underneath. From our online chatting, I already knew how fantastic they were, but the rest of her body was still a `surprise' she wanted to keep for me.

When we got to the room, Mark was sitting there watching TV. A quick handshake took care of formalities, and before the nervous silence became too much, we decided to head downstairs for some food, and a few nerve-calming drinks.

The conversation started tamely enough, and I wondered at times if we really knew what was about to happen later on. Mark & Laura had already had one MMF experience, but they seemed so relaxed about the whole thing, you'd have mistaken them for veterans. As we finished dinner and some of the beer took effect, the conversation took a more erotic turn. Laura talked '“ in a hushed voice! '“ about how she'd always wanted 2 cocks at once, the contrasting feelings of having 2 guys taking her as they pleased, combined with the knowledge that, as the centre of all the attention, she really held the power in the situation.

Sitting in a low arm-chair opposite Laura, I had an excellent view of her shapely, stocking-clad legs. As she moved about in her chair, her flowing skirt gradually edged higher, and as she crossed her legs I enjoyed a full view of her thigh, seeing where the black stocking met pale, smooth skin. My mind began to race with thoughts of what was hidden just out of sight. Was she panty-less under her skirt '“ as she said she sometimes liked to be '“ her shaven pussy so nearly exposed? Was she becoming as wet as I was hard, at the thought of what was about to happen? What would it be like to have those legs rest around my head, as she lowered her dripping cunt onto my eager mouth?

The source of my distraction must have been easy to see, as Laura smiled cheekily, and made a show of slowly un-crossing and re-crossing her legs. It was all I could do to stop myself from groaning at the sight. Mark too must have realised we were getting to the point of no return, as he left to go back to the room. No point in making it too obvious to the other guests and staff what was about to happen!

5 agonising minutes later, Laura finally suggested we make our way upstairs. As the doors of the lift we about to close, we were joined by a man heading to a room two floors above us. Laura made room for him by moving to stand directly in front of me. Her hand reached around between us and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. I was rock hard in an instant. My hand caressed her ass through her skirt, and my careful touch confirmed to me there wasn't even a trace of panties underneath.

Reaching our floor, we walked to the bedroom door, and knocked for Mark to let us in'¦..

If you guys are interested enough, I'll continue the story of how Mark & Laura popped my 3sum cherry.