Written by BetweenFriends

21 Aug 2012

Me and him towelled each other off. I did him as he did me. She had made her way to the bedroom by this stage. He seemed in a bit of a rush. He followed her in. I stayed making sure I was dry. I couldn't believe what had happened already. My first bi experience wathched by the hottest woman I'd seen. When I came out of the bathroom they were sat on the edge of the bed kissing passionately. He spotted me and asked me to sit on the other side of her. As soon as I sat down my cock was in her hand. She rubbed in gently while kissing him. Then she turned and started kissing me. She had each of our cocks in her hand. This went on for a good 10 mins. I was so fucking hot. My balls were bulging. Then he asked me to get on my knees and lick her out. I enjoyed the fact they were directing me. It was hot. The young 20 year old with the hot older couple doing as told. I obliged. He started un doing her bra. I got to suck her magnificent tits before I went down. Me on one breast. Her husband on the other. I started to slide her panties off. She was soaking wet already. She was neatly trimmed. My tongue slide ride in. I rolled it around her erect clit. I pushed it in and out and up and down. All the while she was sat on the edge of the bed kissing her hubby passionatly. I could her her moans. I must have stayed there for half an hour. She tasted like heaven. She came after 10 mins. I was in heaven. The next thing he said lets move. He stood her up while he sat on the bed.

Then he bent her over his knee as if going to give her a spanking. He spread her legs a bit and urged me forward into her. He grabbed by balls gently. I slid slowly in her. She moaned all the while. He was pulling her hair. I began slipping in and out of her. Her ass looked so peachy in front of me. Amazingly pert, tanned and smooth. I fucked her hard. He asked me to punish her for being so bad. I did just that. Then we switched. She ben over my knee while he fucked her. Next he moved us over to a pillow on the floor facing a mirror. He sat down. His cock sticking in the air. She sat on his cock. 'lick her out again' he said. After my first taste i was only glad to help. I licked her again.My tongue licked his shaft and balls loads of times. He whispered that fact to her every time I did and everytime she moaned loudly loving it. She came twice this time. She was already inviting me over to London for more fun.

Then we moved to the bed. I lay back. They both started to give me a blow job. I was def in heaven now. It was superb. Him on my shaft. Her on my balls. He even started to lick my ass and squeeze some of his finger up there. I was writhing around on the bed. Then she jumped on my cock. she rode it like it was going to be her last cock ever. We must have been at it for 15 mins as he sat on looking. Then he asked to join in. He edged slowly into her ass with me inside her pussy. She was screaming now. I'm surprised next door's occupants didn't complain. her soaking pussy slide up and down my hard cock. Her face right in my face. I started to call her a dirty slut which she loved. She took it like a champ, Then we swapped. She asked for lube to fit my big cock in her ass. As she presented her smooth, tanned pert ass to me my cock seemed to grow even harder. I entered her slowly. She moaned and moaned. 'He's so big baby'i edged in her. I couldnt get in all in. We continued on. After a while we rolled off her and she lay back with her legs in the air. He entered her as I went and fed her my cock full of her pussy juices. SHe gobbled it again. I could feel the vibrations of her moans as her hubby pounded her. Then me and him swapped. After a while I was dying to come. They said no prob. I stood on the bed as she kneeled before me. She started wanking me off with her mouth open. What a fucking sight she was. He was standing with his arm around me. She stood begging for my cum while her husband called her out as the dirty slut she was. They told me to tell them when I was about to cum. I duly obliged. He began to rub my balls as I felt the warm gush move to my tip. She held onto my shaft and took all of my warm cum right into her mouth. MMMMMM I loved it. After I stepped off the bed. They began kissing passionately - I'm not sure if they shared my cum or if she swallowed. Either or it was a hot end to a hot session and I was only getting recharged for round 2