Written by BetweenFriends

21 Aug 2012

*True story about my first ever swinging encounter* I'll always remember my first 3some for a wide variety of reasons. I had met the couple online (different site to this). They were an English couple over visiting Ireland for a couple of weeks. By no means 'hardened' swingers by their own description, but not novices either. They just liked to have fun when they were away on their travels. After initially emailing them we sent a few mails back and forth. From their profile I could see they were in their early 40's. I was just 20 at the time. They didn't mind the age gap. They were more concerned with honesty, discretion and a hot body. Their pictures showed bodies which didn't at all look 40. Both tanned. Her body looked stunning. Petite, very erect looking nipples. Most girls my age weren't in such good shape.

They wouldn't send face pics which caused me concern at the start. They did let me speak to both of them on the phone, so I was confident they were who they said they were. They day we met was All-Ireland final football day. That was one of the reasons I'll always remember it. Only an English couple could ignore such an event. But they looked hot and I was very horny, so I ignored it to, for the first time ever.

The meet was in North Dublin. They wanted to meet for a drink first, which was grand. I was travelling from Derry. So it was 3 hours. The man who was doing most of the talking had mentioned his wife loved seeing man on man action. I had never even thought about doing it before, so i said I wouldn't rule it out but for them not to expect anything. They were grand. It was the perfect no pressure environment. The whole way down I thought about what was going to happen. I had never done it before. Part of me wanted to pull out. But the rest of me was intrigued. To see what they looked like. To experience two people. I carried on.

A drink had been arranged at a coffee shop en route to the hotel. However the journey to Dublin took longer than anticipated. They said we would just meet at the hotel. I would meet the man in the lobby - who obviously wanted to check I was the same guy as in the pictures I had sent. I pulled into the car parK. My legs were shaking by this stage. I rang them to let them know I had made it and I'd be in the lobby in a couple of minutes. He said to go into the bar on the left. I did. I ordered something to calm the nerves. I looked anxiously at the door at each man coming in. Then I saw the guy I recognised from the pics. He greeted me with a smile and a handshake. 'Phew' - I thought. Definitely the guy in the pics. He said his wife was in the room - He'd get a drink while I finished mines and we'll head up to her. Seems like I had passed the visual test. So we sat chatting - small talk mainly - How long it took me to get here - what I did for a living. He knew I hadn't had a 3some before but he didnt mention it.

"Time we got moving," he said. "She'll be wondering where I'm at." Here we go I thought to myself. As we walked by everyone - I could only think 'If only they knew what we're about to get up to.' We got to the room. He knocked. The door opened. I caught a flash of blonde hair as the man walked in. She stood at the door to the bathroom. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Long flowing blonde hair. Perfect teeth inside a perfect smile. A completely gorgeous face. Suspenders going up a long pair of legs that seemed to go on forever. A perfect stomach. I must have looked stunned. She laughed and said glad you got here safely. It's a long trip to be making. I laughed and said - it's def worth it now. They got be a drink. She had a dressing gown on which she tied up - for now. We started chatting. My nerves had subsided slightly.

I couldn't believe my luck. As the conversation began to flow, my mind turned to what was about to happen. I remembered that she said she liked seeing man on man. I looked at him. He looked younger than his profile age. He could pass for early 30s. Long dark hair to his shoulders. Very tanned. Appeared to have a good body beneath his white shirt. I still wasn't sure. It was something I had never even thought I would consider. I was the straight jock. However when I finished my drink. She looked at me and said ' I know you haven't tried bi before but how about you join my man in the shower.' I found myself saying yes. So the men stripped off. She took off her gown to reveal her bra and suspenders. She gave my cock a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek.I was instantly hard. I followed the man to the showers. She followed us in.We both got in. We started rubbing ourselves. Then he started rubbing me. She was watching and rubbing herself gently. His body was firm. My cock was slightly bigger which I think he enjoyed. He kept mentioning it to her. She says get on your knees and put him in your mouth. I looked a him. He went down like a shot. I was in his mouth. 'Holy shit' I was thinking. What is happening. I looked at her. She had two fingers deep inside her. That got me even harder. His blow job was good. Really really really good. I'd heard men were good at sucking cock. Now was the proof. I started thrusting in his mouth while making eye contact with her. She was loving it. He was taking it like a champ. He got back up and I started rubbing his cock. She loved it. 'Let's go to the bedroom' she said......