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dubdudeforcpl 8 years ago

my first mmf

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This is a true story and what got me into swinging. I was in my mid 20’s and I had become very close to one of my best mates girlfriend, we did everything together from going out drinking to food shopping. I did fancy her like mad, but would never do anything about it. One of my many weekends in their apartments, the three of us were watching TV having a few bottles, nothing different. Suddenly Gemma mentioned about my drought and how long was it, it was around 6 months but I didn’t really think about it until she mentioned it, we all laughed saying that I should just get out there for a shagging session (I recently broke up with long term g/f). Dave and Gemma went into the kitchen and were chatting about something, I coudn’t make it all out, but it ended with I’ll ask him. They came back with beers in hand and nothing was said. An hour or so past and still nothing was asked, I guessed what they were going to ask him was not for me. G went in to the bedroom to change in to PJ’s and myself and D were chatting about crap, when he asked if I fancied G. I did! But didn’t want to say it, I was thinking he’ll kill me if he finds out. I said “she is a good looking girl and who wouldn’t” waiting in his response I was shocked when he said G fancies me, I laughed it off. D went into the kitchen and texted someone and came back out with more beers. G was gone 10 mins which was unusual for her. She came out wearing a pair of sexy bed time shorts, a tight top showing off her belly and a pair of uug boots. She must have been dolling herself up coz she smelt sexier than ever. She sat in the middle of us and said to D “did you ask him”, he said I text you and said sort off” D gets up and says we need more drink and he is going to go get some. When he goes G starts talking about 3somes and if I have had one and would do one. I say yea deffo two girls and me, she said what about you me and D. I was shocked, and nervous, I was I dunno…. But she was insistent, she said she has given D his fantasy with a friend of hers (something which I have been wondering about) and it was her turn now.. I was getting hard but still nervous, but she just kissed me and said its ok we’ll still be friends in the morning. There we were fondling each other, I was rubbing her sexy legs and outside of her top. She opened my jeans and straight into my boxers, and grabbed my cock. I’m nearly 8inches and fairly thick, and she just say mmmmm big, I’ve wanted this for a while. She signals me to remove my jeans and boxers, which I do. And she starts to suck me off, her tongue working wonders, I pull off her to to reveal her perfectly round tits and start to play with them gently. D arrives back and I nearly jump out of my skin, but he laughs and says, she’s good aint she. He comes straight over and pulls off her shorts and starts to lick her pussy while she is blowing me off. Every shudder she makes harder for me not to come. I push her away, knowing I am about to and she turns to D who sits back on the sofa and starts to suck him off. G is on all fours on the sofa and I start licking her juicy pussy, it tastes like heaven, slowly fingering her as I do it and she came twice and D came all over her face. She got up, and you could she her juices down her legs and his cum all over her face, she cleaned her face, and gave me a deep kiss, and said I want it now. She pushed me now on to the sofa and climbed right up and slowly sat down on my cock. I was thinking that I do not want this to stop ever! She kept her rhythm and her moans were lovely to hear. I grabbed her hips and took over, I got faster and faster, she got louder and louder, then I let one out and what must have been 6 months worth of cum, flew inside her. She collapsed forward on to my should heavily breathing. D took her to the kitchen and he knees were weak ( this always happened to her I was told) and cleaned her off. And he then had her bent over the counter and was riding her like there was no tomorrow. She was screaming in ecstasy. She called me over and wanted me to play with her clit while being fucked. I reluctantly did and I could feel my mates cock riding his g/f. I got an ice cube and asked D to pull out and I slipped it into her, she loved it. I was sucking her tits while she was being fucked with a cock and ice cube, it melted very quickly but it was worth it. I pulled her back to the sofa and lay her down on her back and slide back inside of her. Slowly at first, then quickly, her moans were like music, my cock was soaking with her juices, the sweat from both of us was intense. D was sitting near her head, waiting to pounce. G pushed me off and bent over and beaconed D to fuck her ass. She screamed as he first entered her and they faded away in to little groans, my balls were about to exploded watching this. He came again, and I was hoping for some bum action but she said No, maybe next time as I was too thick. My hormones took over and I channelled by extra horniess into her. I slipped into her pussy, and banged away, she came again and once more before I came all over her back and ass. She made me clean it her and then we all collapsed on the sofa, and went back drinking a few beers. There were giggles and the like all night, we stayed there naked, except for G and her ugg boots. We had a few more sessions afterwards, and out friendship was never effected. Dub

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