Written by shy91

10 Mar 2014

You need to read my first part to know ......

Next she grabbed my hand and lead me into her bathroom where she had the most amazing shower and bath..... She had lit a few candles and what not ..... We stepped into the shower and I felt the steamy hot water dribble down my Back......

She bent over in front of me and grabed the soap she started rubbing her hands all over my body and cupped them around my tits and ass.... She then ordered it was my turn so i bent down and she slipped a finger in my ass and starting fingering my ass.... It brought me to my knees and she turned me around and as she fingered my ass she starting licking my pussy it felt sooo good I wanted more , I reached up and graped the hose and starting putting it on her clit and slipping fingeres in and out of her pussy she loved it!!!!! ..... Ah decided to move onto the bath so off we went !! She told me to get in and she went to the grab something she came back and ordered me to lie down with my leg up and open she slipped in a dildo and a vibrating one at the oh boy this was just getting better and better ..... After a bit more kissin and touching , she asked me was I hungry I was starving , she said she knew a grey late night take away in Dublin so we ordered some food and talked a little and kissed while we waited , the door bell went and she went out in her gown and a few mos later called me I had nothing around me but didn't think really so I grabed a little towel and went out and all she said was I told u so next thing I know I'm in bed having my bum licked and nipples sucked by this gourgours girl an a big hard cock banging it into me.... We all took it in turns I had cock in my mouth clit in my mouth pussy to pussy cock to pussy it was the best night of my life ..... Can any one give me that again !!!! I wouldn't think so !!