Written by shy91

8 Mar 2014

Me and the girls had planed to go out one night , and I was mad for a good girls night out , last min the canceled undecided fuk it I'll go i decided to go to a club where is never been , I slipped into a short tight top/ dress a push up bra and fish net tights and hooker boots , any way fast forward to 1 am and a cute girl approached me and asked could she buy me a drink I said ok we got chatting and she said I should back to hers instead of getting a taxi home alone . We got back had a few vodkas she suddenly leaned over and kissed me and slipped her tounge into my mouth and slowely slipped her hand between my legs and she then slipped my boots off and slid down my tights kissed her way up my legs and into the inside of my thigh she then slid my thong off and spred my legs apart then teasing me some more she moved up only nipples that were now like bullets and starting licking them and sucking them, she then sat on my face and I slid my tounge deep inside her pussy she in turn starting kissing my pussy and sliding her fingers in and out of my wet pussy and slowely down to my ass then as she starting to cum i tasted her juices and I starting to cum she stopped and got off my face and went down and licked my ass and slipped a finger in and one in my pussy and finger fucked me till I came.... More to cum!!!!