Written by gowron

13 Oct 2009

My best mate was working as a teacher in a school on the northside of Dublin! He told me stories of how he was fucking the school secetary who was about 20 years older than us, about 42 I think! I used to love listening to his stories of how they would meet up when her husband was away and how she loved taking his big cock! One day I receive a call from him while I was working asking me if I would like to have a threesome with him and the secetary! I honestly thought he was joking but agreed, just to prove that I was not going to back out, as I always said I would jump at the chance! I finished work and met up with him thinking we would just go for pints and have the craic! When I met him he rang the secetary and put her on loudspeAker, and she seemed up for it! At this point I still think it's a wind up and it was just one of his friends in on the joke.

Anyway I agree to get a taxi to a carpark on the northside, not wanting to pull out and expecting to call his bluff! We get in the taxi and I'm laughing to myself wondering how far he would take this joke, but also my heart is pounding at the possibility of it being true. We get to the carpark and sure enough there she is in her car waiting. I get in the front seat and notice she is wearing a short skirt and low cut top. I remember thinking, wow she looks great, but I'm still not convinced anything will happen, she must be in on the joke! She says that her husband is away and the kids are staying with friends! She suggests a drink in a bar to see if we like each other, and I think ah this is were the joke will be revealed! We have a drink and soon agree go back to her place! When I get there I'm starting to believe and say that I needed a shower cause I was just out of work, but I don't want to make a fool of myself by having one if it's just a joke! So I decide to call the bluff and move in and kiss her, wow she kissed me back, pulling me close to her and our tongues sliding around each others! Before we go any further I say feck it, I'm going for a shower, if this is a joke fair play, you guys got me!

I have a shower and get out with just a towel around me, I go to the living room but they are not there. I search everywhere but I can't find them. I finally go to the bedroom and I see my mate fucking her hard, her skirt pulled up around her waist! I think oh my god this is actually going to happen. I stand for a moment watching, my cock slowly getting hard. I finally decide to drop the towel and lie next to her and suck her erect nipples. She moans loudly, my friend pounding her pussy hard. This is also her first threesome! After a while my friend stops fucking her and lick her wet clit, her sweet juices flowing over my tongue! She whispers, "show me what you've got" and I slip my throbbing cock inside her as she starts to suck my mates huge cock! She groans as I fuck her. We fuck in various positions switching from cock to cock at her command! She then gets up and puts on a maids outfit and demands that we each put on her stockings for her! She then sits on my mates cock and I go behind and slip my finger inside her ass. I can still remember how her ass juiced, and I soon slipped my cock in her wide asshole. Also my first anal experience, it was strange feeling my mates cock inside her too but I will never forget how she groaned with pleasure. This continued for hours, sucking and fucking til we shot our cum all over her face and tits. She loved having two cocks and was well able to handle them. When we finished she offered to drop us back to the city centre, and I remember seeing her family portrait as we walked out of the house, it was surreal. When we got to the city centre she wanted more cock, unbelievable. We went to a carpark and she fucked us both on turn in the car, she was insaitable! We left for home and I did not see her until about six months later, at a concert in the Phoenix park with her son! She introduced me to her son as a teacher from the school, as I shook his hand I remember thinking...I fucked your mom! Unbelievable!!!