19 Dec 2017

My first FFM was nearly a disaster. I was young then, in my late 20s, and I'd been seeing a girl, Viv, on and off for a while and we'd shared fantasies. Hers were about being tied up, mine an FFM. And, in theory, she was quite keen on that too. I knew a bi girl, Claire, who I'd also had a couple of nights with, so I rang her and put it to her straight that she join me and Viv for a night in bed. Fine! I should have arranged that we all meet in a pub. Instead, Claire come around for a while, ending up naked in bed with me when Viv was due. When the doorbell rang, I said:

'Wait there, just like that.'

When I got downstairs and opened the door, Viv was excited to see me and flashed her coat open: just white lingerie underneath.

'Fantastic! Go on up. I've got a surprise for you.'

When Viv went into my bedroom she froze and it was clear I'd misjudged how to do this. Viv looked at Claire, who was naked on the bed, for a long time while she gathered herself.

'Sorry Viv, I thought you'd like the surprise. We had talked about it.'

Furious, she pulled away from me. And Claire, realising Viv was upset put her bra and panties back on. But gradually, Viv began to come around. She sat on the bed beside Claire and they talked about the lingerie, which Claire admired. 'It's for him.'

Suddenly they were kissing. I think this was Viv's first girl. It didn't take long before Viv was straddling Claire and while they were kissing still, they were also rubbing each other. I was on the end of the bed and I moved up. I leaned over to see, thrilled that the girls were getting it on in front of me. Curious, I also ran my fingers lightly over theirs. It was amazing how hard they were fingering each other's clits, with much stronger fingers than mine would have been while doing the same actions. Both were soaking wet.

After taking off my clothes, I lay beside them, just holding my aching cock, which was as large as it ever had been.

Eventually, after they had brought each other off by kissing and rubbing hard with their hands, Viv said.

'Let's take pity on him.' And she sucked me.

Later, Viv wanted to see me playing with Claire. It was strange and I couldn't read her for sure. Was she jealous but aroused at the same time? She was holding back Claire's hair to watch me fucking Claire's face. Then Viv lay on her back, wanking fast, while Claire straddled me. Eventually, after fucking in a few different positions, I came in Claire's mouth. All the while I was looking into Viv's eyes as she lay with her legs open and although it was Claire bringing me to orgasm, it was Viv I was whispering 'thank you' too and feeling positive about as I came.