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harper 6 years ago

my first 3some (some mm action)

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2 min
a number of years a ago i made contact with a cpl in a neighboring county and agreed to meet them for a drink, i had never been with a cpl before and was a little nervous after a couple of drinks and everybody was relaxed they invited me to their room the wife was quite small and the guy bigger then me i took off my clothes and she stripped to her lingerie, she had nice tits and offered them to me the guy was lying on the bed and she held his growing cock, and also my balls she could see me stare at his cock, and asked if i would like to touch, she was still cupping my balls so i decided to go for it to my surprise it was quite nice to touch, i could see her smiling as he got harder, after a short time i was wrapping my lips around his cock and he was loving it, i could feel him moaning, she was giving me loads of encouragement but advised me to stop or he would cum, when i looked up i could see him fingering her, she lay down on the bed and told me to put my cock between he tits the guy left them room (i hardly noticed at the time), i was having a great time with the woman she then whispered something in my ear, she was asking had i ever taken a cock thats when i felt the guy behind me he was rubbing his cock off my ass, it felt nice he had also put on suspenders and stockings his wife then took hold of his cock she put some lube on my ass and i screamed as he entered me, the pain/pleasure was unreal he slowly rode me he got faster and faster i could not believe i had just allowed another cock enter my ass and i was loving it all the time the wife gave me loads of encouragement i could feel him come near orgasm, she was now wanking me too i did not know where to look or what to hold, suddenly i was cumming and cum was going every where as the guy withdrew he lay back on the bed so did we all i was exhausted and fell asleep

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