24 Apr 2019

My wife (ex now) and I were at a party several years ago, a house warming where everyone was drinking and having a great time. There was lots of intermingling and the reality was there were few people I knew whereas Sue knew nearly everybody. It was one of Sue’s work colleague’s party, so she was busy chatting and talking. She was also a manager there so there were members of her team there. After several hours’ numbers started petering out and suddenly myself and Sue ended up alone in the lounge. It was the type of party that wasn’t confined to the lounge and there had been people everywhere. Suddenly we were alone, and I asked Sue where everybody was and why it had suddenly gone quiet? Sue then told me to my surprise that “loads have gone but most of the guys left at the party now where in the kitchen watching Val get her tits out!” I was shocked and asked if she was joking and where was her husband? Sue almost nonchalantly said “no she does it all the time when she’s out, he’s watching…but you can stay here! You’re not going anywhere” She went on. I was gobsmacked and yes somewhat intrigued. I never imagined Val doing such a thing. Suddenly two guys both members of Sue’s team walked in laughing and quite obviously talking about Val going topless and the show I had missed, apparently another girl, Judy had joined her and whipped her top off much to the pleasure of the remaining guys. One then picked up a video camera from the mantel piece. He vocally expressed his disappointment about not having the camera when the two girls did their show for the guys. He then walked around the room as if he was filming, homing in on Sue who was giggling as he almost danced around her with the camera. There were only the four of us in the room, the rest were probably still encouraging Val and her friend to carry on with the show.

One guy just plonked down on the sofa laughing at his friend with the camera walking around Sue as if he was filming her. His then gave the camera to Sue and dropped down beside his friend on the opposite side of the small three-seater sofa. Sue almost immediately passed the camera to me and sat between them squeezing in much to their enjoyment. I pointed the camera at Sue playing as if I was videoing her on the sofa. Sue played up to me blowing kisses as I “filmed” her. Sue then suddenly lifted both her long shapely legs and stretched them over one guy and lay back onto the lap of the other, lying across both of them. Straight away their hands were on Sue. One guy was stroking her legs as he lay across him, Sue had a short skirt on which had risen showing now ample amounts of naked thigh. Sue to my surprise didn’t flinch and allowed him access, even though his hand was wandering high up above the hem of her short skirt. Sue’s other work colleague worked her arms shoulders as if he was massaging her, he tucked his arm and hand tight under her firm breasts. Again, Sue didn’t flinch, she even arched her back as if to allow him easier access. Sue reached up with her arm and put it behind the neck of the guy directly behind her. Sue pulled him forward and leant back and kissed him on the lips, needless to say he responded giving her a long deep kiss. This movement naturally pushed her tits forward. I carried on moving around and in front of them as if I was filming. Things suddenly heated up, Sue lifted a leg and bent it at the knee, her high heel on the thigh of the guy her legs lay across. With this movement Sue’s skirt now rode up further and her sheer white panties came into view to the three of us. You could see the small dark triangle of hair under her sheer white panties. Sue watched intently as her work colleague put his hand on her naval just above her pantie line, her skirt was now pulled right up almost to waist height, he was clearly testing the water to see how far his boss would let him go. Again, Sue didn’t move, but her breathing intensified. At one point he even had his fingertips under the hem of her white panties, he must have been able to feel the wispy hair that surrounded her hot sex with his fingertips. I watched excitedly, I wondered if he knew I was Sue’s husband? I wondered if he even cared. Would Sue let him touch her? Touch her there in front of me? I know Sue didn’t appear to want to stop him, she just lay there breathing heavy, open legged with his hand inching inside her knickers towards her beautiful cunt as we all watched. Suddenly Sue panted and we knew all knew her work colleague was touching her intimately. His hand was now inside her white panties and I watched almost mesmerised as he fingered her. I could see the wispy hair either side of her knickers as his hand stretched the delicate material. I could clearly see his middle finger moving up and down inside her panties, it was obvious his finger had entered her pussy and he was finger fucking her in front of us. Sue’s was breathing heavy, her eyes were closed, she was still holding onto the guy behind her, he watched the show intently, as did I, Sue was lying across him open legged with his friends finger deep in her beautiful cunt. Her bum was on his knees as she lay across the two of them and her pussy was barely ten inches from his face.

Suddenly the sexual atmosphere was destroyed as we heard other people in the corridor, the moment was dashed as several other party goers were walking towards the lounge from the kitchen. Sue immediately checked herself as did the guys, all three jumped up. I often wonder how far she would have gone if we hadn’t been disturbed.

In the taxi on the way home I said, “wow how was that going to go?” Sue responded bluntly “how far do you think?” Then she swore, loud enough for the taxi driver to hear. “Fuck, I can’t believe I let him do that! So embarrassing. It’ll be all round the office that Josh had his hand in my knickers by Monday!” The taxi driver raised his eyebrows as Sue spoke.

After that night little was ever said of the incident, although on getting home I fucked my drunken sexed up slutty wife. The thoughts of her lying there with her legs open while another guy pushed his hand inside her knickers drove me crazy. Mad thing is though I loved it and wished we hadn’t been disturbed. I would have loved them to have fucked her. I’m sure she would have let them.

I often wonder about how work went the following Monday. Sue had a relatively large team, two girls and six guys. Out of the guys one had fingered her and the other watched his boss open her legs, awkward or what?

Sue often went out with the girls, Val and Judy, I often wondered after that night what sort of things they got up to? Was she a faithful wife? I’ll let the readers respond with their thoughts on that one!

This is true event, circa 2006.