Written by joann09

27 Dec 2009

I finished work in Dublin one friday afternoon, i went to the train station to get my train to Limerick, when i boarded, i found myself a seat, it was one of those seats with a table, i liked doing puzzles as it helped to pass the time, i got out my puzzle book and started doing a crossword, the train was filling up fairly quickly and i noticed two women getting into the seat opposite me, when they were sitting down i looked across at them and saw one was roughly mid forty's, the other was about twenty two or three, me being forty two, and as horny as you could get, i noticed the older woman was wearing a skirt down to the knees, the younger girl was wearing a shorter skirt. as a man will do, i waited until they had sat down and then took a peep under the table, i was hoping to see a bit of leg, but i was out of luck, i went back to my crossword and started doing it until we had pulled out of the station and was almost in Kildare, i gave an occasional look across at the two women but nothing changed, i had given up hope og seeing a bit of leg when the older woman turned slightly to her right and went to get something out of her bag, as she did so her legs opened and i got a glimpse of a white pair of panties, she caught me looking but didn't say a word, nor did she make any attempt to close her legs, in fact she opened them wider, she knew what she was doing, and i said i would play her at her own game, i continued doing my crossword, but i put my hand down and started rubbing my cock, the woman looked down at my hand just to let me know she was watching me, i was trying to keep an eye on the younger girl to make sure she didn't see me, the older woman got very cheeky and lifted her right leg up onto the seat and put her back to the window, she picked up a newspaper from the table and started reading it, she kept looking out over the top of the paper to see if i was looking at her opening her legs, when i had a clear view of the V between her legs i opened my fly, i slipped my cock out, which was rock solid by now, and let her see the knob, she lowered the paper a little and stared at my knob, i started wanking him slowly, i knew the movement of my hand might attract the young girls attention, as i wanked, the woman slid her hand down and put it under her skirt, i saw her pulling the panties to one side, all i could see was hair, i continued to wank, and she put two fingers into the panties and played with her clit, i just couldn't help myself, i wanked my cock forgetting about the younger girl, it was only as i glanced over in her direction that i saw she was looking out from behind a magazine at me wanking, 'Fucking hell i thought, both of them are watching me, what will i do now, i threw caution to the wind and pulled my cock out of my jeans as far as i could get it, i wanked it nice and slowly, then to my sheer delight the younger girl put her hand down and pulled up her skirt, the two women looked at each other and the older woman whispered something to the younger one, i know it's illegal to smoke on a train, but if the company invested in new trains, people wouldn't be able to go between carriages and take a drag of a cigarette, the older woman got up and as she stood in the middle of the aisle i pulled up my zip, she asked me if i had a light, saying, 'you wont tell on me if i go out for a quick pull, 'no i won't i said, as a matter of fact i could do with one myself, but i was thinking of a different kind of pull, she led the way through the door at the end of the carriage and stood at the window, i lit her cigarette for her and lit one for myself, as i was lighting her cigarette i saw her looking down at the bulge in my jeans, 'you're a very horny man she said, 'how could you blame me for being horny i said, especially when you're showing me you#re lovely pussy, 'i wouldn't have shown it to you she said, if yo hadn't shown me you're cock, 'would you like to see it again i asked, she asked if it was safe for me to pull my cock out where we were, i told her to face one window in the door, and i would face the other, that way we could see anyone that came from either direction, we faced each other and looked through our own windows, i took out my cock, she put her hand down and felt it, the feeling was like a bolt of lightening, she started to wank me and i lifted her skirt, i got my hand up the side of her panties to find a very wet pussy, i ran a finger up and down between the lips and found her lovely wet hole, i slipped the finger into her, she was wanking me nearly as fast as the train was going, i told her to turn and face the door she was looking through, i went behind her and lifted her skirt, i pulled the panties down to her knees and bent her over slightly, i put my cock between the cheeks of her arse and started moving him in and out, she was so wet that my cock slid into her, i started fucking her like a maniac, i was pounding my cock up her so hard that i was banging her head off the door, i didn't give a fuck if every passenger on the train came from behind me, once i started fucking her i never once looked back through my window, fucking like this is a very horny experience, and i wanted to make sure i got a good come, so i said to the woman, 'who's the young girl with you, 'that's my daughter she said, 'she's lovely i said, 'i suppose you want to fuck her as well the woman replied, 'would you mind i asked her, 'that's up to her the mother said, i fucked her harder and as i was near to spunking up her i said, 'oh fuck, I'd love to fuck her young pussy, 'ill ask her when i go in said the mother, i shot a mighty load of spunk up her lovely wet cunt and pulled out of her, she acted as if we had genuinely only smoked a cigarette, she pulled up her panties and straightened her skirt, she told me to wait here and she would see what her daughter had to say, she walked back to her seat, i watched through the carriage window and saw her talking to her daughter, imagine my delight when i saw the daughter getting out of her seat and come walking towards me, i moved over and stood with my back to the door of the train, the daughter came in between the doors and said, 'my mother said you wanted me, 'did she tell you what i wanted you for i asked her, 'of course she did the daughter replied, i told her to take up the position her mother had taken, and when she had i lifted her skirt, i got the fingers inside her very brief panties and felt another very wet slit, i did my bit of fingering of the cunt, and then slipped a finger up her, i did the very same to her as i had done to her mother, i bent her forward and put my cock between the lovely lips of her cunt, i felt my cock slipping up into her and thought i was in heaven, i fucked her like a madman, she was wilder than her mother, she talked really dirty, telling me to fuck her hard, and saying she loved cock, i asked her if we could meet again sometime as i rammed my cock so far up her i could feel my balls hitting off her cunt lips, when i spunked up her she did as her mother had done, she pulled her panties up and straightened her skirt, she asked me if i lived in Limerick, ehen i told her i did she told me the name of the pub herself and her mother drank in, she said they would be going there that night, i asked if i could meet them there, she said i could she walked back in to her mother and i followed her in, i sat down at my table and had gereral conversation with them, the mother made me want to tae her out and fuck her again when she said, 'are you going to fuck both of us together tonight, we made arrangements to meet later, ill fill you in on what happened at a later date.