Written by Silly man

18 Dec 2013

My sister in law was always a tease , her looks her dirty chat her dress sense . One night I went for a few drinks with her and her hubby , my wife was sick so babysat all our kids . Her husband as usual had to do the dog on it and was sneaking whiskies at the bar . At closing time we helped him into a taxi and got in ourselves . I was staying in their house so helped him up to bed and left her to undress him . I went outside for a smoke and after a few mins she followed me out . She went into the shed and took out a pack of Silk Cut and lit one up . In 22 yrs I'd never seen her smoke and told her that . You'd be surprised what you don't know about me she said . She chain smoked 3 and hid her pack back in the shed . Good night she said and don't tell anyone it's out secret . No problem I said winked at her have her a peck and headed to the spare room which was down stairs . She was looking great that night tight top leather skirt knee high boots and what I wished were fishnet stockings . I had that picture in my mind as I started to slowly stroke my rock hard cock , when she came into the room . He's comatose she said now I'm going to do what I've wanted to do for 22 yrs . She kissed me hungrily her tongue flicking mine she moved to my nipples and bit them that was sore but fantastic . Moving slowly down she licked the head of my cock and stated sucking hard . I came in her mouth in seconds and she came back up and we shared my sweet cum . I took her blouse off and slipped her tits out of her bra sucking them greedily . I lifted her skirt and rubbed her clit . Eat my wet pussy she said I didn't need a second invite as I lapped and fingered her pussy . Fuck me hard she moaned I lifted her legs on my shoulders and sank it in to her pussy thrusting deeply she loved it . I moved down to tastes her again and her ads was wet and open I rimmed her and said I was going to fuck her tight ass . Mmmm I've never done that she said I rammed my cock in her and she screamed she pleaded with me to fuck her hard I did and lived it . I came in her mouth again and we both collapsed on the bed out of breath . That was fucking fantastic she said were doing that again sometime . Yes and maybe a bit more ? She said I have a surprise for you next time she winked . We both went outside for another smoke and said our good nights . The following morning I got another excellent bj while hubby was sleeping it off . I'll tell you about my surprise next time .