Written by bobajob

23 Apr 2010

My ex was a fine thing, wonderful body and a very high sex drive. But the same with everything in life you dont know a good thing till its gone.

One occassion sticks in my mind, and has seen me through endless lonley nights since, so if your sitting comfortably I will tell you all about it.

we decided one day to head to the north for a spot of cheap shopping, and the ex suggested we make it an extra fun day.

She decided to get dressed up (or down) for the day - short denim mini skirt, stocking, suspenders and no knickers. Before we left she demonstrated that only a short bend over and you could see her bald pussy. It was going to be a good day I thought!!

And boy i wasnt wrong.

We got in the car for what is about an hours drive, and just as i pulled out of the estate my ex's legs were up on the dash board and her fingers deep inside her. The sound was gorgeous, her wetness was audible, but i just had to touch it. So while driving she guided my free hand onto her wet pussy, it felt so good. She came and still i held her so I could feel her orgasm inside her.

Shortly after I had to stop for petrol. Cum was dripping down her leg as she got out of the car. As normal the garage had a queue to pay and as she stood next to me she whispered that guys at the deli counter were looking at her. Dont blame them i felt proud to have her on my arm. She asked would it be ok if she flashed her pussy at them. She knew that would really get me going. I said ok, so she went over towards the deli and when she caught the guys eyes she slowly bent over to look at something on the shelves. She had a devlish smile on her face, but the guys were drooling at the sight of her glistening pussy.

I knew now that my ex wanted that pussy filled, and i was the only one that was going to do it.

Once back on the road she asked did i like that. "yes, loved it", I said. With that her feet were back onto the dash, she fingered her pussy again and when her fingers were as wet as her she put them in my mouth. Before I could talk she told me to pull over as she wanted her pussy to be licked. So i found a layby and didnt even get a chance to turn the engine off before her pussy was in my face.

She had turned to face me in the car and her hands wrapped round my neck pulling me onto her. god she was wet. As i was lapping at her pussy lips she was telling me what she wanted the guys she flashed at in the garage to do to her. Her hips were now grinding my face and her body was about to explode. Her nails digging deep into my neck.

Oh boy, my face was covered with her juices, and as her body started to orgasm she pulled me closer to experience her squirting all over me.

This was the start to the day that just got better...let me know and i will tell you what we did for the rest....