Written by lor

17 Sep 2011

This true story happened about a month ago, i went to stay for the weekend with my sister, who lives in a seaside resort, my brother-in-law is a truck driver so he's away most of the time, when i phoned my sister, asking if i could come visit her for the weekend she told me to come right ahead, thinking her husband was away on the continent i drove down to her house on Friday night, i was surprised to find the husband had not gone away and was just getting ready to go out for a few pints with his mates, we literally passed each other at the doorstep, he said Hi Lor, and i said Hi Jim, that was the full conversation, he got into his car and headed off, Jim wasn't a film star, in fact he looked more like a lumberjack, my sister Margaret loved him dearly, he was a great provider for her and the two kids, they had a great relationship, it was an understood thing that when Jim went out for a few pints Margaret would take the two girls into bed with her, jim would sleep in one of the other rooms when he came home, this was soley for the reason of not waking the girls when he came in, the house had four bedrooms, as you walked up the stairs there were two doors facing you, each of them leading to a normal size bedroom, turn left at the top of the stairs and there were three doors, the master bedroom to the right and a box room to the left, with a door between them for the bathroom, nothing much happened when Jim went out, my sister and i chatted about old times, condemning our sisters and calling our brothers bastards, we got the two girls to bed and indulged in a couple of vodkas and coke, when it was time for us to retire to bed my sister told me to take the bedroom on the left at the top of the stairs, "Jim normally sleeps in the one on the right when he's had a few pints Margaret said, he snores in his sleep and we keep him as far away from the children as we possibly can, otherwise he would keep them awake all night, we went to bed around eleven o clock after consuming about five vodkas each, i got into bed and started to drift off to sleep, sometime later i was awoken out of my sleep by what sounded like someone wanking, not in my room, but the room Jim was supposed to sleep in, the bed i was in was up against the wall of the other bedroom, and the noise of the bed rubbing off what sounded like a radiator, i cocked my ear and listened, i knew it was Jim, and he was definately wanking, he would go very fast, then slow down to an easy tempo, then he would speed up again, now i'm a red blooded woman, and the sound of Jim wanking had me putting my hand down the front of my knickers, i never went to bed with pyjamas, i like to sleep as near to naked as i can, without realizing it my cunt had got wet, when i rubbed my fingers between my cunt lips i felt the wetness, of course i had to bring the fingers up and suck them as i listened to Jim in full flight wanking, i started to finger my clit listening to him not realizing that my bed was making as much noise as his, it was only when his bed stopped moving that i knew it was my bed making all the racket, i was in the middle of a lovely cum and bed or no bed, i wasn't stopping until i had creamed myself, i kept fingering my clit with one hand, then i put the other hand down and pushed two fingers into my saturated cunt, the cum i was getting was the best i'd ever had, don't get me wrong, the thought of fucking my sisters husband was the farthest thing from my mind, but the sound of him wanking just made me have cum after cum, when i had got my third cum i layed back and listened to him finishing off his wank, i put my ear to the wall and tried to listen to see if he was saying anything, the surprise i got when i heard him saying, "oh yes, what i'd do to you Lor if i had you in here, his voice sounded a bit muffled but i could still make out the words, especailly as he was talking about me, the bed went quiet for a few minutes and then started vibrating again, fuck me i thought, he can wank more than once, any fella i had ever seen wanking wanted to fall asleep after the first one, i played with my cunt again and started to cum the exact same time as Jim, now it was getting dangerous, i wanted him to hear me coming, i put my lips to the wall and moaned up against it, i wanted to feel his cock fuckinjg me, but my luck was out, Jim finished his second wank and i heard no more, after about eight minutes i heard the sound of him snoring, the dirty bastard had me so horny i contemplated sneaking out and getting into bed with him, the only thing that stopped me was the thought of the hurt i would cause my sister, Trying to imagine what Jim's cock was like i drifted off to sleep, when the two girls came into my room the next morning to call me for breakfast i thought back on the night before, i thought about how stupid i was to even consider going in to Jim's bed, i told the girls to tell their mother i would be down after i had a shower, i asked the older one of the girls to bring me up my case, i had to change my clothes, especially my knickers which were saturated, i waited at the top of the stairs until Michelle brought me up my case, i went into the bathroom and opened the case, i went straight for my favourite crotchless knickers because i was feeling horny, and i thought i might venture down to one of the local pubs and see if i could get someone to give me the fuck i wanted so badly, no matter if i turned the case upside down i couldn't find the crotchless knickers, i knew i had put them in, i never went anywhere without a pair of them, 'where the fuck are they gone i thought to myself, i had another couple of pairs, some ordinary and some thongs, i took a thong out along with a short skirt and a light top, i'm not being big headed but i didn't need a bra, my tits could stand up on their own, i was basically dressing to attract a cock, i had my shower and dried off, the feeling i got in my cunt when i rubbed the towel off it was unbelievable, i got a small cum as i rubbed it, i got dressed and was on my way out of the bathroom when i met my sister coming up the stairs, she asked me how i slept, when i told her i had a great nights sleep she told me she had a good night as well, i didn't hear Jim snoring she said, that meant she hadn't heard us wanking either, she said she was going to dress the beds, when i told her i had already dressed mine she said she had to dress her own and Jim's anyway, 'you dress yours and ill dress Jim's i said to her, ok she said, and you might open the window, they're might be a smell of stale drink in the room, i told her i would as i walked to Jim's room, there might have been a smell of stale drink in the room but it was disguised with the smell of spunk, there was a powerful smell of sex in the room,i rushed in and opened the two windows fully, i didn't want my sister to get the smell of Jim's spunk, i started by pulling the quilt up to the pillows and straightening it out, i lifted the pillows off the bed to fluff them up a bit and got the surprise of my life, there under the bottom pillow were my crotchless knickers, full of spunk of course, they were still wet, which meant that Jim had wanked into them sometime this morning, the spunk stains were down on each side of the little strings that went each side of my cunt lips, and down along where my arsehole would be, i grabbed the knickers and pushed them under the bed saying i would retrieve them when my sister wasn't looking, i finished the bed and met my sister on the landing as we both finished together, we were at the top of the stairs when Jim came in the front door, 'what are you doing back Margaret asked him, he rushed up the stairs saying he had left his wallet in the room, it's not there Margaret replied, it's down on the sitting room table, i had to let him know i dressed his bed so i said, i'd have seen it when i dressed your bed if it was there, he looked at me and said ok, he headed for the bathroom saying, i have to go to the toilet anyway, Margaret and myself went down the stairs and left Jim in the toilet, Margaret asked me if i wanted a coffee and i accepted one, she went to the kitchen and i stood around the bottom of the stairs, out of sight of the landing, but i could still see the door of the bedroom Jim slept in, within seconds i saw him slipping across the landing and going into the room, he was only in there seconds and then came back out, the clever bastard went back into the toilet and flushed it to pretend he had used it, as he started down the stairs i walked into the kitchen, he had a worried look on his face and i felt sorry for him, at that moent the doorbell rang and Margaret went to answer it, i didn't know how Jim was going to react to what i was going to whisper but i whispered to him anyway, 'you don't have to worry about my knickers i whispered, i found them under your pillow, i hid them under the bed so Margaret wouldn't see them, i didn't know was it relief or guilt i saw on his face when he whispered back, 'Thanks Lor, if Margaret saw them there would be war, i won't say a word i told him, as a matter of fact i said, i like the idea of you spunking into my knickers, i was drunk he said as an apology, i wasn't drunk when i heard you wanking i said, he looked at me and said, and i heard you wanking yourself as well, that was your fault i told him, i get really horny when i hear a man wanking, he got brave when he knew i liked hearing him, would you like to hear me again tonight he asked me, i thought i would hit him with something he would either refuse or accept, 'i'd rather feel your spunk going into my cunt instead of my knickers i said, 'oh Jesus he said, i wanted to come into your room last night and spunk all over your cunt, 'you can spunk all over it tonight i said, he took a chance and asked me if i would meet him when he finished work, 'then we can go for a fuck in the car he said, 'what time will you be finished i asked him quickly as i heard Margaret saying goodbye to whoever was at the door, i finish at one he said, we only work a half day on Saturdays, ok i said, ill meet you down the road from your job, we'll take my car, yours might be seen, nobody knows mine, ok he said as he headed for the door, i couldn't let him off scotch free for making me so horny, i called his name quietly to make him turn around, when he did i lifted my skirt and showed him my skimpy thong, 'you wont have to spunk these later i said. you'll be shooting it up my cunt, his face reddened and he called me a bastard, i knew in my heart and soul that i was going to get well fucked later on in the afternoon, if you like this story, keep an eye out on this page to find out what Jim and myself got up to when i met him later on that afternoon