Written by Anonymous

30 Aug 2010

Anonimity seems to be the trend with stories so i will stay anonimous. About 12 years ago while at college in Dublin i got a part time job in a well known fast food restaurant, i wont say which 1 or where. Although only in my late teens i was quite wise for my age i wasnt just some simple country girl lost in the big smoke, in the restaurant we had a security guard at night time, a brash cocky kinda guy from Nigeria who was always flirting with the female staff and any other girls who were in the place, any way he was always telling me how pretty i was and how i was the best looking girl in the place and always asking me out. i always declined as he was a nice enough fella just to old and to forward for me prob in his early forties, he made me take his number 1 night as there were some young lads messing outside and thought i might need to ring him if they followed me to the bus stop. About six months later i was out on a sunday afternoon drinking with freinds, when i got back to my flat early in the evening i went to bed for a while as i was feeling tipsy and very horny after a while playing with my self i decided to text some one, going through my phone i came to the security guards number and began to wonder if it was true about black men being well hung i started to get very turned on just thinking about it so after a while i got the courage to send a txt "guess who" "who" was the quick reply i got. i told him who it was and that it was his lucky day if he fancied coming over so i sent him the address of my flat, straight away i started panicking about what id done a mixture of fear and excitement, 20 min later he texted to say he was at the door i put my bathrobe on and went down, when he came in he was grinning from ear to ear i offered him a drink but he slid my bathrobe off instead and cooed how he always imagined what i was like under my uniform, we sat on the bed and began to kiss he wasted no time in moving down my neck kissing and sucking my pert boobs kissing my belly as he parted my legs, i gasped as he slid his tongue in to my pussy and began licking and sucking my clit i couldent help but cum. he stood up and took his clothes off i couldnt help but get moist at the sight of his erect cock about 8inchs long and very thick i sat up and looked at him he moved his cock to my face so i started to lick and play with his cock before i took it in my mouth but it was so fat my jaw began to ache so i lay back on my bed with my legs open for him, he slid up to me and began sucking my tits as he pushed his cock into me, i cried out as he pushed further into me and by time his balls were resting againds my bum i had already came again, my pussy felt so wet yet burned as he began to pound me after about 5 minutes of telling me how tight i was i felt his warmth inside me as he came hard, i was so wet and horny i reached down and sucked his cock again just to please him, before he left we fucked again doggy style with the same result, me orgasming wildly and him filling me with delicious hot cream. the next day i felt so awkward i never went back to work and never replied to his txts. i still fantasize about black guys from time to time but as a married woman!