Written by Jak

10 Jul 2017

My wife and I are both in our late twenties and have been married for 6 years, our sex life is fantastic but we have found that lately our best sex is when we discuss fantasies. One fantasy that really gets her going is having two cocks together, and preferably a black cock. I took it on to arrange it all, with her approval of course. I went on line and eventually found a lovely black guy who was only too happy to help us fulfill our fantasy, he even suggested his friend would love to be part of it too. I declined that suggestion and arranged it for a hotel across the city, and then a week before I had this mad idea to surprise Aoife and have his friend take my place, she was looking forward to having her first three some and black cock together so I thought why not let her have it all black. Paul agreed to bring his friend, Mike was 45, Paul was 32. Aoife had no idea what I had planned, when we arrived at the room Paul let us in, when Aoife seen Mike there she seemed shocked but was so excited at the same time. After introducing ourselves I gave her a kiss and said enjoy yourself, I told them to look after her and I'd be back to pick her up in the morning.

Aoife is a petite lady, short blonde hair, 36 DD tits, she shaved her pussy completely for the occasion.

After I left the two got to work on my wife, Paul was taking control of things and instructing them. She said they were really nice, very gentle but at the same time being dominant. She said Mike was rather large and he was first to have her suck his cock, as this happened Paul got between her legs and devoured her pussy, she came almost immediately. Then Paul got on top of her, he pushed her legs apart and lined his cock up to her cunt. He said to her " here it is baby, you're first black cock" and drove his cock into her. He fucked her hard, got her on all fours and pumped her until he shot his seed inside her. Then Mike took his place and gave her a great ride before he too came inside her. She said she was on fire, she felt like a porn star and they made her feel beautiful and wanted, over the course of the next few hours they fucked her so many times, filling her mouth and pussy with cum, in so many different positions. Then after about half three a knock came to the door, she thought it was me but in fact it was Pauls younger brother and his friend, on the way home from a night out, they were both late teens. Aoife didn't know if I had set this up too, but felt excited for being so bad. The two young lads took over and fucked her in turns before leaving, she said it was unreal, being fucked by a black stranger while surrounded by more black cocks waiting to ride her too. Mike also left and after a brief sleep she woke up to Paul pushing his cock into her again. She was waiting for me in the lobby next morning, looking tired but with a smile that said she had a great night, we've had such good sex after reliving the story.