Written by cahy

23 Nov 2010

About 2 years ago when I was in 6th year we had a teacher called mrs.o'mahoney for english. And I can remember everyone used to talk about storys that she had sex with a student before. Of course it seemed pretty unlikely as she was married but she always had a look as if she was unsatisfied sexually I no it would be hard to tell if someone is or isn't but when you spend alot of time looking up at her in class you can almost pick up on something like that. She was 34 tall nice long legs her breasts were very big but she never wore tops that would show them off :( haha..and she had a pretty face.

So one day I had to ask her a question on a novel we were reading at the time so I went up after class to speak to her. And I can remember her giving me all sorts of almost kinky looks she was twisting her hair as I was talking and the she would bit her bottom lip. I thought all this was in my had and I was just very horney at the time. So she answered my question and asked me was that it I just said yes but she had such a look in her eye I bearly got the word out. The next day I decided to go up again after class this time I just was using some stupid question as an excuse to talk 1 on 1 with her. So as we got talking I was getting more of these looks and I was so turned on I was actually on a horn!!..and before I had a chance to do anything to it without her noticing she relised and there was just a silence while she looked at me and she goes "I'm flattered! I still got it" with a small laugh she stood up moved closer and grabbed my cock and said meet me after school in this room. I was in shock the storys were true and I was going to fuck the shit out of her.

The day dragged on so long I spent most of the day on a horn thinking about what I was going to do. I decieded not to tell anyone because it would seem weird to my friends that I was going to ride our English teacher haha..so the final bell went I pretty much ran to the English room a class went out as I was heading in and then I saw her fixing copy books on her desk I closed out the door then she turned a smiled at me I walked over by her desk and she goes open the drawer so I did and inside were her bra and thong and condoms. I looked back at her and she opened he legs as she was wearing a skirt and flashed her pussy at me I was so hard!..she got up locked the door and pulld down the blind. I walked towards her and she pushed me back onto a chair she unzipped my school pants and began to suck my cock it was so good she clearly had alot of experience!..I stood up got her up against a table pulled down her skirt she then sat up on the table and I began to lick her wet pussy i sucked on her clit will fingering her she was trying not to scream she was loving then she just goes put your cock in me!!..so I put on a condom and began to fuck the shit out of her then just as I was about to cum I took it out and she got down on her knees and I blew it all over here tits it was incredible .

This is actually a true story and not the only time we done it!..if you want more msg me!:)