10 Aug 2015

I saw this girl who was friends of mine and straight away I knew I wanted her, We started chatting online and knew my background, It was mild flirtation at first and thought nothing of it until she invited me around for a late night drink.

This was the first time meeting her in person and she looked amazing, curvy, amazing boobs, well dressed and smelled so sweet.

She invited me in and we chatted, I thought I might go home as it was getting late until she leaned over put her hand on cock and kissed me on the lips. Well that was it, we tore each others clothes off and began kissing each other all over, it had been a long time since I was so worked up over such a sexual women, she blew my mind, I lay on the bed while she sat on my face and masterbated until she came in my mouth. It was my turn now, I made her get on all fours and began to teese her with tongue around her soaking frangrent pussy, he moans made me go deeper and then she parted her butt cheeks, I took this opportunity to massage her ass and probe her tight asshole, she screamed into the pillow, she tasted so sweet and I gentally placed two fingers inside her, I could feel he getting worked up for another orgasim, she wanted to have my pre cum dripping cock insode her, but I held on as i wanted her to come again in my mouth.

I turned her over on her back and saw her face which was full of smiles and bright eyed, she softly bite her lip as she pulled her legs behind her head and I licked and sucked her ass and pussy, I couldn't resist anymore, but she grabbed my bulging cock and licked my balls and with one of her fingers she started to massage my ass, this blew my mind, made me go cross-eyed.

She slowly took my whole cock into her mouth and when she took it out said "I want your warm cum inside me", We lay side beside and she invited me in, it was heaven, her nicely trimmed pussy was nothing i have ever felt, she had longish nails and feeling them gracefully stroke my balls as I drove my rock hard cock in was heaven.

Then she took over, she jumped ontop of me , her boobs bounced and Igrabbed and sucked on them as she put her fingers between her legs and then putting them in my mouth.

I reached around and teesed her ass with my middle finger, I didn't know what she would do, but she learned down and kissed me while reached around and grabbing my hand and encouraging my finger in more.

I grabbed hold of her and pumped my shaft really fast while she was biting my neck, ears and face wanting "more , more, put your finger in my ass", it was building, i could feel the orgasim of a lifetime about to happen. I quickly put her on all fours and began to pump her so hard, i looked and her and she was kissing her nipples, it was amazing, I took my cock out of her sapping pussy and gently pressed it against her tight ass, she reached around and guided it in slowly, I could feel her body tense up, but we took our time and i was inside her, She moaned like never before, I started slowly and then began to move faster, the feeling of it around me cock was intense, I felt my balls tighten up and and she pushed me back and took my cock into her mouth, as soon as i started to explode, she grabed my hips and pulled me deep inside her mouth, It was so intense I screamed out, it was the longest orgasim ever, I could feel my cock pump more and more cum inside her mouth and she kept wanking me off, we collapsed onto a bed of sexual juices and laughed and giggeled for ages afterwards.

Its was the start of an amazing relationship.

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