Written by TKMax

21 Jul 2016

Recently we have been getting lots of requests from lovely people on here. One such couple C and G said they would love to meet up, they knew by my stories how much Sara loves cock and wanted to meet her. We met in a nice hotel in Dublin, had some drinks, got along really well and went up to our room. C explained that she didn't want to participate herself, she knew I also like to watch, and what she really wanted to see was G servicing Sara, totally. We had no problem with this, so C and I sat on the single bed to watch the action. G kissed Sara as his hands felt her tits and rubbed her pussy. He then stripped her naked, making eye contact with C as he did, then he moved her to the bed and laid her on her back. He quickly stripped, spread her legs and went at her pussy with his mouth. At this point C had her tits out and was playing with them with one hand as the other one rubbed her pussy through her panties. After G had given Sara a really good eating, he stood up and as he did C went to him and kneeling before him started sucking his cock, getting it ready to fuck Sara. By now I had my cock out and was stroking it, C had him hard in no time and it is no surprise as Sara has a lovely tight wet pussy, with a brand new landing strip that just begs to be fucked.

G lowered himself over Sara, kissing her as his cock just bobbed around her pussy. C took his cock and placed it at the entrance, G broke off from kissing Sara to make eye contact with C as he pushed his hard cock into my wife's pussy. C and I just stroked ourselves as G slowly fucked Sara, it was more making love which was unusual and a change from the hard fucking she is used to. He took her doggy, again slow but strong thrusts, making her moan as she came, her tits swinging below her. He put her on her back again, entered her again and I was treated to something really erotic. After pumping Sara for some time he turned to C and said "I'm ready babe", he started kissing Sara as he increased the speed of his thrusts. C stood behind him, cupping his balls in her hand, massaging them and said "that's it babe, fuck her and fill her up with your cum". Then G gave a final thrust and I knew he was filling my wife with his cum.

He pulled out and as he did C asked me, " can I watch you fuck her too?, will you fuck her for me?". I was ready to explode, so I just went straight in to Sara's well fucked pussy, my cock was ready to add to the load. As I started to speed up I was startled to feel C grab my balls, massaging them and saying "that's it, come for me, fill that pussy right up ", and I did. It was amazing, she massaged the last drop from me and I had an amazing experience.

C said next time she would like to get involved with G watching, I can't wait for that, she is really sexy too.