Written by pokerking795

7 Apr 2011

Right here we go, apologies for bad spelling. Back in 2008 I was driving about Dungloe Festival, all over the place, went into a pub with me pal and was standing at the bar perving as usual, lol. This wee tart was standing be side me an we got chattin, short story long...I gave her a lift home as I knew her brother from playing Gaelic football. I drove to the end of her lane and ssid that'll be a tenner for the lift, I was only joking but she fell for the bait and said she had no money but we could go for a drive to somewere more private...I drove down by Keadue and turned left down by a beach, there was a old yard down there. We parked up and hoped in the back seat, she was wearing a dress that bearly covered her ass, she was all over me, dry humping everything...She then took me jeams off and started rubbing me cock, I was wild hard now an wanted ta fuck her hard, I started playing with her Clit, I put me hand in under her black lacey thong, and started fingering her, she was drippin, so I pushed her back and started licken her out, I made her come and she moaned and roared, it was class, her slutty face was wanting fillin, so without hesitation I grabbed her head and made her suck me of, I was dripping to, and she sucked well but kept gagging (not that i'm big or anything)but she kept at it, I was playing with her again and rubbing her ring, when I came I blew it down her throat, she choker on it but was laughing away, she licked me clean. I then asked he did she ever try anal, she said no, but was curious and we arranged to meet up the next night, but sadley we didn't..lol

Now this one is a bit weird, none of my mates believed me when I told them it, but it is true. I worked part time in tesco, and one night when I was finishing my shift a lady approached me in the carpark if I could help lift in a telly she bought in tesco into her house, I said aye no bother. She drove and I followed her, she lived up, so when we landed we started liftin the telly in, and we got it in and I offered to set it up to her sky box etc..She was delighted, so I started setting it up, she was wearing a tight pin stripe suit thing, and she bent down to pull out plugs etc and her thong was sticking up and her trousers kept falling slightly so I could see her ass crack, shes about 5' 6'' medium build, average tits. I was turned on big time, we eventually got it all fitted in, and we were chatting about nighclubs etc.. she said her boyfriend dumped her recently and that she was looking for a man. We had tea and she offered to pay me for helping her, I said it grand but she insisted. She then asked maybe she could pay another way and I said like what. Well she took me by the hand, upstairs and into her room, pushed me on the bed, unziped me trousers and she started to do a stripteze, Then she got on top her pussy was shaved bald and was chubby, she rode me slowly for ages, with her eyes closed, quitely moaning and groaning, I started to go faster and pounded her from below, I asked was she on the pill (as ya do) she said yeah and I came inside her, she moaned with pleasure, as she got of me I could she her ass hole was kind of open(Like she was used to anal) she bent over me and reached into a drawer and pulled out a vibrator, switched it on and gave it to me, I did what she wanted while she played with her nipples. Then she got on top of me in the 69 way and started sucking me cock and balls, I continued vibrating her pussy, and started to explore her asshole with 1 finger, It was well stretched and she turned round and says finger me ass, No bother, I lubed it up and in I went, it was right in my face, her asshole was ready for filling, it glowed like a glossy door knob, so I switched the vibrator off and slowly slipped in up her ass, she took deep breaths but sucked it in, I rammed it until she stopped sucking, then i got me cock and shoved it up there. She told me to tell her when I was coming, so I told her anytime ya want, she pulled forward, my cock slipped out, she swong round and stsrted sucking it, and pulling it, I came on her face (yes on her face) she licked my tip and rubbed it on her lips, and sucked it more and was smiling away. After all was over we lay there and talked more she said we could be fuck buddies and I kindly obliged, we met about a dozen times, she would dress up in her old school uniform, leather trousers, she gave me a blowjob in the car coming back from strabane, She then got moved to another county cause of her job, never talked to her since. I really miss her ass to mouth..lol

More stories, soon.

Happy wanking..lol