20 Jun 2017

We visited a well know swingers club for first time

It was a rush heading into club. Vix had at my request groomed herself for an MMF - she had her nails done make up and hair and body waxed - we were ready. The club was quite but we had few drinks and she spotted a single guy she thought was ok. He eventually sat in our company and chatted. Vix got up and went for a smoke , I took this opertunity to ask him if he would like to help me forfill her fantasy of two guys - he lit up and said a positive yes - Vix returned and I said we were good to go - she was surprised and taken back but said ok - she needed me to get her toy box - lube condoms while she and our new toy boy went to see if there was a playroom free. I headed to get toy box from car and then went to find them.

I entered room to see her legs spread in air with heels on and her new man licking her pussy vigorously.

I was so turned on - strippped straight away and joined the party

She was loving it sucking me getting sucked

She came then we took turns doggy style and when we both were ready we got her to ly down and let us come on her ....