24 Jan 2018



Have you ever seen a mermaid? I have. And near Cork, too. It was on a lovely sunny Sunday morning last September. I went out the country, near Macroom, to pick up two girls and go to a kinky bondage rope tying workshop together, near Limerick. They were not ready, as usual, so I drove over to my favourite location in the whole world……..the beautiful Mullinhassig Waterfall, (so much better than Niagra Falls, where the view is obscured by the souvenir shop!). The area is a beautifully secluded, moss covered and magical ancient forest. The sun always penetrates through the trees, flowers and ferns, lighting the path to follow the winding stream.

The waterfall is about half a mile walk back through the beautiful smelling moss covered trees, colourful flowers and morning dew covered spider’s webs. It’s a very pleasant walk, which follows every curve and bend in the river. With many different sounds; water gently flowing around a bend or noisily crashing over the rocks or falling from a great height to the pool below. A bright September morning was a perfect time to taste the crispness in the air, to touch and feel the age of the tress and the stories they could tell.

That morning, I took the other path, the higher one, which looks down on such beauty. My intention was to walk to the top of the waterfall rather than the pool below. I was curious to see if the stories were true; that is possible to jump safely off the top of the falls. And also to explore the area behind the falls, perhaps even find a cave behind!

Part One

It was from that upper vantage point that I saw movement below; surprising, since it was so early on a Sunday morning, when you’d expect everybody to be at mass, in an area where many still practice the old religion. I looked closer to see what looked like a person, a girl, sitting on the rocks at the edge of the stream. And quite a pretty girl too.

She seemed to be combing her wet hair. Had she been for a swim in the cool, crisp, clean waters of that magical stream? The rays of sunshine, penetrating through the ancient forest, shone on her beautiful long black hair as she continued to comb it through to the ends. So gracefully her arms moved, combing from root to tip. Her full and firm and perky breasts moving beautifully with each stroke; yes, she was without a swimsuit. This beauty seemed to be completely naked, but the ferns and flowers around her did obscure her legs.

What a wonderful sight to see: the sun glistening on the droplets of water that flowed slowly down her delicate swan-like neck, to her pale shoulders; to stall awhile, before gathering momentum to fall again, and curl around beautiful breasts, shining in the sun from the outside and shining from a big heart inside.

Her very erotic and erect nipples reminded me of the goddess d’anu, who lies nearby. The Paps of Anu being the name given to the pair of breast shaped mountains at the county bounds, between Cork and Kerry, on the Killarney road. There, on each peak, our ancestors had erected a stone structure to honour the goddess and promote fertility among our people.

As the drips of water snake slowly down her yummy tummy, glistening in the sun, they gather in her belly button, such a beautiful and erotic sight. This gorgeous creature’s belly button overflows with water and continues its journey downwards, down along her beautiful body; down towards her own sweet smelling forest of pubic hair; splitting in two as it meets the fork in the path, a little water traveling either side of her labia; cooling it nicely from the midday sun.

At least, that is the path I think it takes. Sadly, it was obscured by the ferns and flowers. Which begs the question: was this beautiful creature human, with silky legs as smooth as her silky body? Is such perfection possible? Or was it some mythical creature such as a mermaid, or a selkie? Or perhaps some freshwater creature that can change to human form? Perhaps an otter, a stoat or a mink?

I traveled on, for the fear of embarrassment of being caught staring curiously at this curious sight on a Sunday morning. As I left, I noticed some noises which sounded like the clicking of a camera at some photoshoot. Though it could have been the crickets and grasshoppers and other insects, doing what they do, blissfully unaware of the eroticism around them. Or perhaps fully aware that sex is everywhere; for that is how mother nature reproduces and replicates, with the male godhead.

I traveled on for a while, until my path was blocked by rocks and briars. Curious of what more could be revealed in this magical place, I resolved to return and penetrate through to learn its secrets.

On the return journey, I had expected to see my beautiful mermaid again, but alas no, she was not to be found! Has she returned to the water? Had it been a dream? Imagination? Hallucination? Or perhaps the end of a photoshoot? Whatever had happened, it had been a wonderful and beautiful and joyous experience. And I learned that it was not my mermaid, but a creature of the universe, free. What is mine though, is the memory; the beautiful experience that I was so honoured to be party to, which I will always remember and always wonder………………..

……to be continued……

I am convinced that I met her again, in the form of a stoat, when I returned there the next week, for a naturist afternoon. She stared at me, recognising me, knowing I had seen her beauty.

Well, my friend; that was the first part of a three-part, true story of my many visits to the magical Mullinhassig Waterfall. And, also, the first story for you; a complete stranger, or a friend that I have just met? Would you like to hear more? Would you like to write me a comparable adventure story?

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Take care,