Written by kinkyguy76

13 Dec 2009

i got speaking to a spanish lady on a different site recently. i liked her broken english spelling, and her love of literature. we chatted at length, about so much. my grasp of spanish lit stopped shortly after cervantes and don quixote. we arranged to meet.

first impressions were good, about 5'7", long dark hair, and cafe au lait skin. her body a healthy mix of curves and clothes that understood this.

her english was that wonderful mix of her native accent and funny a insistance of putting an e in front of words that started with an s.

we went to a city centre hotel. room service brought some gin and mixers/ she smoked as she spoke. i felt strangely subdued. whilst i felt sure something would happen, she carried herself in a manner that expected male attention but there was no guarantee of anything other that.

i sat on the edge of the bed whilst she paced and chatted. i guess she was nervous too.

she eventually stood in front of me advsing that she had never done anything like this before,i kept silent when she mentioned her husband. my hands went to her hips and drew her closer. she wore a knee length black skirt, with black leather boots. her hands touched my head. i keep it a short blade one. as she continued to speak her hands moved in slow genereous circles. i told her i would not do anything to make her feel uncomfortable.

i stood then. im 6'2" and in good shape ( martial arts training helps). her hands kept moving.she told me her husband stopped caring about his body years ago. his loss.

i lifted her chin slightly, and lightly touched her lips with my own. the first few were brief kisses - like a battle was being fought in her head. finally her hand came up behind my head and she pulled me in closer and i felt her tongue.

she had obviously made up her mind now, telling me smirking that she wanted to see what i looked like in my boxers. i was only too happy to oblige.

she wanted to have her fun too. she poured herself a drink as i got undressed,and lit a cigarette. she sat by the window. she said she had a thing about mens backs, and asked me to flex facing away from her. i did. she told me to come closer. her hands went all over my lower back and sides. i squatted so she could work her hands all over my shoulders. her mouth soon reached my neck.she sucked and gently bit my neck calling me her big estrong irish boy. my god i was so turned on.

i turned suddenly, and lifted her knees onto my shoulders as she fel back into the chair laughing. moving her panties to one side those laughs became short quick breaths. her english gave way to whispered spanish.

this gets so much better. anyone want to hear the rest. comments welcome.