Written by cahy

9 Dec 2009

Me and miss o Mahoney had such a special teacher student releationship baisically we fucked on a regualar basis. The second time we done it was in the teachers toilets. As I walked down the corridor heading to my next class miss o Mahoney walked passed me and sliped me a note inside a copy book I Opened the copy book and inside it said meet me in the teachers bathroom after the next class. So I had to sit threw 40mins of listing to an old man talk about wood work I was so hard just think about what I was going to do to her. When the bell rang I made my way to th teachers bathrooms I stood outside nervously because i was not sure if an other teacher was In there so u waited till every one cleared out of the corridors and in to class. I knocked on the door and she unlocked it and let me in. I locked the door behind me turned round and there she was sitting on the toilet with her skirt folded up and she was playing with her clit. I walked over to her got on my knees and began to lick her juicey pussy out she watched me licking her as she played with her huge tits. After a while of me licking her I pulled down me pants and she began to suck on my cock. She licked my balls,then licked the hole way up to the head and back down. I then got her tits and put my cock between them it was to dry so I got water from the sink splashed it all over her tits then put my cock betwen them again and began to fuck her big tits. As I thrusted foward my cock hit her chin.then I stood her up she put 1 leg up on the toilet bent over and said put in me.I got my cock and shoved it into her. I pound her sweet shaven cunt so hard she was so wet and tight then as I was about to blow my load she got on her knees and sucked me off I came in her mouth and the dirty bitch swallowed lick her lips and said "YUM".....please let me know if you want to her more storys about me and miss o Mahoney!! Thanks for Reading...and happy christmas!