Written by jacobswing

12 Jun 2010

basically i found out my father was having an affair with a family friend.. i finally stoked up the courage to say it to her. and we had alot of fun, and would like a hell of a lot more!

jist is im a 18year old lad, i love dressing up as a slut and taking an absolute fuck load of cum. so i got my dad's "partner" to get in on this with me, i arranged for the two of us to get a hotel room, her to buy me all sorts of new lingerie and doll me up so i was very very hot! we had some hot fun together, and we talked about what her and my dad got up to.

little did she know i had organised 7 guys to come to our hotel room to "service" us, and teach us some lessons.

i was wearing thigh high stockings with suspender belt, black corset, 4inch heels with a platform that tied up around my shin(all courtesy of "her") i was also wearing a bob cut black wig.

she had on similar attire, but instead of a corset she had a teddy, because she is a bbw you could say.

the guys came to the room one by one, all average sized cocks, the usual irish you could say. to get me in the mood i did a few shots of sambuca and some *removed no mention of drugs permitted*.

at this stage i was raring to get some cock into me, i lubed up my asshole, and bent over the bed. not caring what came into me, my dads partner did the same, we were sluts together.

we both took it anally, i had no choice but she seemed to really enjoy it. i told the lads previously to show no mercy and that they did. we were both spit roasted and cream pied.

i took one of the lads to the side, he was tall and muscly, i told him i was feeling really horny, so we put a bathrobe on me, and walked down the corridor of the hotel, got to the stairs, and left the building(me wired to the fucking moon!) we walked down the west dublin street to a feild and i took off my robe, horny as fuck i took his nice shaved cock into my mouth, i gagged and gagged but got used to it very quick.

in the field at 4 in the morning i felt like such a little slut, this guy had me sucking his cock like his bitch! i turned over and pulled down my little black thong, spat on my fingers and lubed my cock up. BANG he forced his cock inside me, holy shit he rammed it so hard i screamed!

all in the middle of a west dublin field i was roaring with pleasure! he started panting telling me he was going to cum, so i pulled my arse away and took his cock in my mouth and let him cum all over my face and down my throat! god dam it was fucking great!

we decided to walk back to the hotel straight away, i was absolutley sweating, so horny after what i had just done! we got to the hotel room, went in and i seen my dads partner being rode in the arse and the pussy! man i was out of my mind, i wanted two cocks in me right away!!

benknowst to me one of these guys had a camera set up! recorded most of our night. the both of us being horny little sluts.

the party went on til maybe 7 that morning from 12 that night, my arse was raw, and all i wanted was more cock, so we got onto a advert site and requested guys from anywhere right away. we had the room for the next night too..

we got no reply so the other guys had left at this stage, and we got a shower and some kip. myself and C logged onto the laptop the next afternoon to find over 40 replys to our ad! oh shit we were going to have a good night.

before you think this is bullshit, this is as true as fuck! i have the video to prove it and this pictures!

40 guys in our west dublin hotel room, absolutely *removed* our asses, we changed into pvc gear, red for me, and black for C! in shower fucking, all over the room.

was the best, horniest night of my life. ive never seen so much cock ever! or had so much inside of me! im glad i could blackmail someone to join me, and sort me out with my outfits and make up!

we are hoping to do this again soon!! :)

this is 100% fact!