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Mature wife

"Forest walk"
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Published 1 year ago
Lately with more time on our hands my mature wife and i like to walk in the forest, i often try to get her to play outdoors but she is shy and never agrees, so i said i won't ask again but "if your ever up for it wear leggings or ski pants instead of jeans and i will get the hint", one day last week she suggested we go for a walk , she came downstairs wearing tight leggings so i thought hmmm maybe ? we drove to a spot thats very quiet, as we parked there was one other car there with a guy sitting in it, we went on up the walkway through the woods, i sneaked a look around and saw him coming behind but well away, i played with her fit mature ass as we walked, knowing he was looking, i had a glance at him and he stroked his crotch, after a while i saw an area in off the path , i knew she must be up for it asi put my hand down the back of her tight leggings i was surprised she had no panties on, we got in a bit off track, she was nervous we might be seen so i said i could use her scarf as a blindfold so she would not be as nervous, she agreed, i pulled my cock out and asked her to suck me, as she was sucking i saw the guy slowly coming towards us, i could see he was early 20s fit with tracksuit bottoms which showed his cock down one side , i made a sign for him to be quiet, he nodded and got closer, i stood her up and turned her facing the tree telling her to lean forward as i slipped her leggings down to her ankles, i started to lick her now very wet pussy, he was beside us now but very quiet i indicated he could lick her pussy which he did, she was holding the branch and moaning loudly, i said do you want my cock, she said yes please, he stood up and dropped his tracksuit , i though oh no she is going to know its not me , his cock was at least 9 inchs with a big mushroom head, he rubbed her clit with it a few times before edging the swollen head in, she gasped, bit by bit he slid the rest in, she was in ecstasy as he started to fuck her slowly at first, she moved her sexy ass back on him so began to pound her hard, she cried out and had a huge orgasm , i never saw her so excited, after a long hard fuck, he pulled out and shot a huge load on her ass and back, then pulled up his tracksuit and disappeared into the forest, i took the scarf off and she looked all around, no one there of course, she said was that you fucking me, i said of course, but she knew it wasn't but never said, now every other time we are walking she has the tight pants on, hoping it happens again soon,

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