Written by JJ

5 Jun 2017

Last Saturday night in a local club I was out with my friends, it was busy and as usual there was a hen party in for the night. There was about twenty of them, from 18 to mid fifties. One woman in particular caught my eye, she had short dark hair, massive tits straining to get out of her blouse, nipples visible. She had a skirt on and was a little on the plump side but it suited her and she was very sexy and flirty. I got chatting to her and bought her a drink, we were getting on really well and I was feeling really horney. I was telling her how hot she was and what I'd like to do to her, she was laughing and said I'm a married woman, old enough to be your mother and my daughter is inside. I wasn't going to give up on her, when we went out for a smoke I said to her "will you show me your tits?", after a lot of begging she undid a few buttons and pulled her tits out for me to see. They were massive and beautiful, I immediately felt them, playing with her nipples. I started to suck on them, she was moaning, I then kissed her and slid my hand up her skirt, I felt her pussy through her panties, it was hairy which was new for me. I asked her could I ride her, she said no, I'm married. I kept kissing her and pleading with her, " please, you're so sexy, can I just fuck you?, look at the state you have me in ", I said pointing to my obvious erection. She laughed and felt me through my trousers, again I pleaded "can I just fuck you?, please sexy ", she said " I'll tell you what, come around the side and I'll give you a blowjob". We went to a quiet area and she unzipped me and pulled out my cock, "mmm, nice, you have a nice hard young cock" she said and started to suck on my cock. She was sucking for all she was worth, I was holding her head she was brilliant. I stopped her and pleaded once more "please sexy, let me fuck you", she protested about being married and then unbelievably she said "OK, but don't cum inside me, I'm sterilised but I don't want it coming out of me later ". I was ecstatic, she pulled down her panties and bent over a little wall. I got behind her and shoved my cock into her hairy pussy. I was fucking her as hard and fast as I could. Her tits were swinging under her as I rode her, she just kept reminding me "don't cum in me ".then I said I'm ready to cum, I pulled out, she turned around, her face flushed and she grabbed my cock. She started to pump my cock as she gently massaged my balls, then I erupted, spunk spraying on her hand and on the ground. She put herself back together and we went back inside unnoticed, I continued to drink with her and enjoy her company. It was an amazing experience, one I want to have more often.