Written by Vintage rider

13 Nov 2016

I met Mary when I went to do some work for her, she is an attractive 60 year old woman, very well off and always immaculately dressed, she has been a widow for the last 20 years. We got on really well from the start and over the course of the last year she has got me back to do lots of other jobs in her house. Each time we chat and I always compliment her on her appearance, she tells me to find a nice young girl, but I flirt back and say I'm looking for someone like her. The conversation is always open and frank, I tell her about the girls I date and she told me she only ever had just her husband. I told her it was a shame she didn't have someone to share some love with, and I think she was just afraid to start over again. Then one day everything changed, I went to discuss some work she needed done and as usual we sat and chatted. This time though I felt a spark, and as we sat chatting I leaned in to kiss her, just on impulse. She didn't resist so I stood up and pulled her close to me, I kissed her deeply and felt her tits, she still didn't resist so I reached between her legs, pushing up her skirt until I reached her pussy. She just moaned and by now I was desperate to have her, I moved her back to the couch, sat her down and got between her legs. She just seemed like she was in a trance, I pushed up her skirt and kissed my way up her legs, finally I reached her pussy. I pulled off her panties and started to eat her pussy, it was hairy, very wet with a sweet musky smell. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as I ate her pussy, I was rock hard and greedily ate her pussy, I so wanted to fuck her. I opened her blouse, she had a sheer white bra on and her big thick nipples were visible and erect. I pulled them out and sucked them, I was afraid that any minute now she will stop me. I pulled off my tee shirt, then my trousers and jocks and stood there naked with my rock hard cock sticking out. She never said anything, just looked at my cock and then me. I put her lying on her back, I stroked my cock and said to her " relax Mary, just enjoy it ", I got between her legs, placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt, and forced it into her. Again she closed her eyes and moaned, I fucked her slowly at first, but her moans along with the thoughts of being only the second cock she had, and the first for twenty years had me so horny. I just started to fuck her hard, selfishly just wanted to fuck her. Then I told her " fuck yeah Mary, I'm going to cum", and our eyes met as I pumped my load into her cunt. After was a bit strange, she was quiet and I got dressed and left. The next day she asked me to call, she explained that she felt guilty about her late husband, and embarrassed about her body. I assured her it was natural and that she had an amazing body. She said she never had much of a sex life, was never eaten out or sucked a cock before. I led her to the bedroom and made love to her this time, I fucked her many times and in many positions, she even sucked my cock and I came in her mouth. She wants to keep it quiet as I'm only half her age, but it suits me and we even chat about other girls I fuck at the weekend. We spent a weekend away together and fucked non stop, she really is making up for lost time. It's a great arrangement, she calls me when she is horny and anytime I call she lets me ride her. I know she's confident enough to find someone to date now and we'll have to end it, but for now we're happy with this.