Written by Tom-E

17 Dec 2008

Eileen and I have been married for 25 years and like many married couples business and other interests got in the way of our sex life which had waned to about once a month.

To avoid the extra pressure and long hours spent on business I took early retirement when I was 50 but funnily enough I felt even more tired and slightly depressed. To be frank I got to prefer a few drinks down the pub rather than a night of sex with Eileen. The more I drank at night the less I felt like it and again to be frank on a couple of times when she tried to instigate sex I suffered from `brewer's droop'.

On my 51st birthday she told me not to be late back from the pub as she had a surprise for me. And what a surprise.

When she came to the door she was an absolute vision in much heavier than normal make up, a see through top with her large breasts suspended on top of a little shelf bra and the shortest flared miniskirt that I had ever seen her wear. It just skimmed the top of her stocking tops exposing the bottom of her big creamy bum cheeks when she walked.

I simply gasped `wow' when she said. `How do you like your birthday surprise?' And as she turned to go into the hall my cock sprung to its hardest spontaneous erection for many years when I saw that the skirt barely covered the big ripe cheeks of her rear. Dinner was forgotten about '“ I simply took her to bed with two bottles of champagne for the longest night of sex we had for about 15 years.

The Saturday night that followed was also sensational as Eileen dressed in a new see through top, the mini and stockings and suspenders. She seemed as up for it as I was and emboldened by champagne I suggested I take her out in her new gear. I was very pleasantly surprised when she agreed.

I tried to strike while `the iron was hot' and booked for dinner at a country pub out of town. I think Eileen was a little worried about going out in public with so little on and sought my reassurance a couple of times that she didn't look ridiculous or too tarty.

She went braless in a black see through top with jacket over it in case we met anyone we knew, and the short skirt, g string, stockings and suspenders. I have to say I felt like a young guy on his first date when I saw her ripe thighs above the stocking tops as she swung her legs into the car.

Although the bar wasn't too busy she kept her jacket buttoned in the bar while we were waiting for the menu and I saw her tug the skirt down a little in a losing battle to stop it rising up above her stocking tops.

When we went through to the restaurant there were not too many diners and she allowed me to take her jacket off. It was a real turn on to see what I had thought was my quite prudish wife sit in a public restaurant with her large tits and nipples on show. Certainly the waiter was very attentive and seemed to like what he saw.

After a few drinks she appeared to relax and quite enjoy the attention she was getting from him and some of the other male diners and I even managed to persuade her not to put on her jacket when she was going out to the loo in the bar. She looked superb coming and going with her heavy breasts bouncing and big bum cheeks partly exposed as the short skirt road up when she walked.

She was a bit annoyed that I had persuaded her to go out without her jacket as she said the bar was now rather crowded and she had to pass a group of young guys who had made a few ribald comments about how she was dressed.

When we went into the bar for a nightcap it was obvious from the guys looking across that she had created quite an impression as they couldn't keep their eyes off her. I have to say this turned me on and I suspect it didn't do her ego any harm because when I got her back to the car in a darkened corner of the car park she didn't object when I pushed up her skirt to expose the cool creamy white orbs of her ass and mount her doggy fashion.

She was still turned on when we got home and stimulated me orally to another erection which I used to good effect to give her a very noisy orgasm.

We followed the same pattern over the next few weeks visiting various outlying pubs with Eileen dressed in a variety of gear to show off her tits, ass, thighs and legs. I think she quite got used to it and certainly seemed to enjoy the attention she got from barmen, waiters and younger guys in the bar. I noticed she had stopped pulling down her skirt and seemed quite happy to give the guys a show of a bit of thigh above the stocking tops. Our lovemaking assumed a new intensity both outdoors and indoors and she really seemed to crave more and more cock. When I mentioned it to her one night that she seemed to want as much cock as she could get she smiled sexily and murmured. `Oh yes.' When I asked about other guys she said ` Possibly but not just yet, let us enjoy what we have now.'

However you can have too much of a good thing and I found that I was getting quite worn out and my pub life had sunk to almost zero. One night when she had to visit a relative I was released from duty and made my way down the pub. With an upcoming match the members of our darts team were worried that I wasn't getting enough practice in and asked had I got a part-time job. I replied rather tongue in check. `Yes servicing Eileen!'

When I explained about her new sexy dressing I had no shortage of offers to help me out. The thought quite excited me and I suggested to two of the younger guys in their mid twenties that I would see if we could set her up for it. I suggested taking her to a local riverside car park and if she would let me have sex with her while she knew guys were watching, it should make it easy to get her to let them join us.

The next night I persuaded her to go braless in a low cut see through top and wear hold-ups with her shortest flared mini. I could hardly eat dinner I was so excited at the thought of the possibility of my mates with her later that evening. I made sure her glass was well filled all evening and I knew she was getting quite tipsy when she came back from the loo and said I hadn't told her that her skirt was so short that her bum cheeks were exposed when she walked. When I asked her how she knew, she smiled and said two young guys had stopped her on the way back through the bar and told her they had never seen a shorter skirt nor a nicer set of butt cheeks. When I asked her did it worry her, I was pleased when she told me it didn't and it was a real turn on to think guys that young fancied her.

When we left the restaurant and headed for the riverside car park she didn't object when I told her I fancied some outdoor sex. When we arrived she said she hoped there wasn't anyone in the bushes and when I asked would it really worry her she smiled and said ` not if we put on a good show for them!' She didn't object when I got her tits put of her top and pushing her over the table I raised the skirt to expose her big rear and pulling her string aside mounted her doggy fashion.

I was hoping Peter and Mark were enjoying the show and wondered how I would introduce them when I heard Eileen hiss `There's someone watching us.'

I quickly turned her round and as I kissed her whispered that we were in a dogging site and the guys wouldn't bother us unless we wanted them to join us.

She relaxed enough for me to get her up on the table on her back with the skirt round her thighs while I mounted her big shaven pussy missionary. As I said she has really started to enjoy cock and I think she was turned on by the fact we were being watched because she was soon responding to my thrusts. I soon came off and as she was pulling down her skirt the two guys emerged.

I don't know whether she was embarrassed or just surprised when she saw who they were but quickly realised I had set her up. I was pleasantly surprised when she made no attempt to hide her big exposed 39c breasts and even more surprised when she said, `I suppose Tom has conscripted you guys to help service me.'

Instead of having to persuade her she appeared to not only take it as a fait accompli but be really up for it. It was a turn on to see her kissing the two guys and letting them grope her tits, ass and pussy and a real turn on to see how willingly she let them use her ripe mature body when they put her over the table and `roasted' her with Peter taking her doggy and Mark orally.

She was like a bitch on heat in her responsiveness and even after both had discharged their loads in their respective orifices and changed places to come off a second time she was ready for me to take her again.

It had been a fantastic turn on to see my wife turn round with her breasts exposed, big thighs open and big shaven mound just begging for cock and I was ready to oblige.

As I rode her she let herself go completely moaning that it was fantastic and when I asked her did she want more cock she moaned ` Yes as much as you guys can give me.'

I thought I would go for the `bonus' and said `what about up your ass? `- she doesn't really like anal and was surprised when she moaned ` Anything you want just give me plenty of cock.'

That brought me off and it was left to Mark to be the first to sodomise her. I was surprised how willingly she turned round and put her big butt up to be used and in spite of my exertions I stiffened again when I saw Mark start to feed his cock into her ass. Peter stifled her moan by putting his cock into her mouth as Mark entered the head of his cock into her anal ring and rather roughly drove it home into her bowels. She hasn't been well used there and the tightness brought him off quickly and Peter soon replaced him. She was obviously lubricated by Mark's ejaculate because she relaxed enough to respond to Peter mounting her by pushing her big buttocks up to meet his thrusts.

By the time he came off I was ready to reclaim her big cool ass for myself and as she was very well lubricated so she was able to take it really well. She was buggered once more by each of the guys before I took a very tired and well ridden lady home