Written by funtimes

29 Nov 2012

My self and my girl recently stayed in a hotel for a little weekend break and we booked in for the usual dinner, massage etc. To spoil ourselves a little.

We got there early the first day and took a trip down to the spa area to check it out. When we got down we spoke to a really good looking spanish guy at the reception area of the spa and explained to him we had booked in etc and wanted to check the facilities and schedule a time for our massages.

He brought us through and was very friendly and showed us the different areas and we all then went back to the reception area.

He advised us that it was really busy but if we wanted he could fit us in for 45 minutes each and he would be taking the massage, so we agreed.

Anyway we checked into our room and then came back down and relaxed in the jacuzzi and sauna before going into the massage area. The massage area was down a long corridor with an asian themed design and was very calming. Our room was the very last room and seemed to be away from everything else which was nice and relaxing.

The masseuse met us outside and asked who would be going in first, so me being the gentleman allowed my girl to go first. He showed me to a meditation room where i could relax and wait. I sat in the room and the odd little fantasy crossed my mind and i found myself getting hard thinking about it. About 30 mins had passed so i decided to knock into the room to sit and wait in the room.

I listened outside first and it was fairly quiet so i knocked and opened the door. when i came in my girlfriend was lying on her back and the masseuse was gently massaging my girlfriends breasts. I quietly said is it ok if i just wait here, and he nodded and said of course. She still had a towel covering her underwear but i could feel my heart racing. As i sat there he began massaging her breasts again and his fingers crossed her nipples on a few occasions. I could hear her heavy breathing each time he did and i started to get really hard watching. I was only wearing my towel and it was fairly obvious i was aroused. I asked my girl was it nice and she just replied with an mmmmmm. i could see him smiling at her answer and he once again massaged her breasts but this time spent much more attention to her nipples, my girlfriends legs bent and her back arched and she bit her lip a little with her eyes tightly shut she let out a little louder moan.

My heart was racing now and the guy looked at me as if for approval and i smiled back. he leaned forward and kissed her lips, i was in total shock but i was so turned on. My girlfriend kissed him back gently then licked her lips. as he moved around the table her hand reached out to feel for him and she rubbed her hand against his leg and up to feel his cock and before i knew it he was helping undo his zipper. he stepped out of his trousers and boxers and his dick was rock hard. my gf smiled at me while stroking his dick and his hands where now under her towel and she was moaning. i removed my towel and began to play with myself.

she bent her legs and slid off her knickers and asked me to fuck her. I jumped up and stood at the end of the table and pulled her towards me, my dick was so hard but her pussy was as moist as iv ever seen it. she had a look in her eyes iv never seen before. i pushed myself inside her and began to fuck her. Next thing i know she is sucking his dick and licking his balls. The guys is rubbing his hands on my balls while i fucked her. he then asked could he suck my dick and my gf said yes straight away. she sat up qickly and he got on his knees and sucked all the juice off my dick. i was never with a guy ever but he was good! he tole me to fuck her again which i did and again he wanted the juice in his mouth, he loved it. again i fucked her and he asked me to tell him when i was coming, i was so close and he took my dick in his mouth and i squirted so hard while he stroked my balls, i nearly collapsed it was that intense. my girlfriend laughed and said lets go babe and the masseuse stayed to tidy up.

we still fuck really hard anytime we think about it and we are thinking of going back soon for round 2! :-)