Written by Teddy

9 Sep 2016

For some time now I have been intrigued reading stories on here and other places about men liking to see another man fuck their partners, I couldn't understand it and wondered what the emotional side of it would mean. Mary and I are in our fifties and since we married have been faithful. I found myself getting aroused by the thought of it when we fucked, I told Mary and was surprised that she was turned on by the fantasy, but said she could never do it.

We were on a weekend break and one night in the hotel we met a young guy, about 35, married but was alone on business. We got on really well and Mary was really comfortable with him, my mind started to go wild and I got hard thinking of Tim fucking her, so I asked if he was interested when she went to the toilet. He said very interested, she is in good shape, and has nice big tits. I told him she's not up for it but to follow my lead, I told him she loves her big nipples being sucked and loves it hard doggy style. When she returned Tim was really flattering her, telling her how sexy she was. I suggested we invite Tim to our room to continue our drinking when the bar shut, Mary said ok and was getting tipsy.

After a couple more drinks I started the ball rolling, I started kissing Mary and feeling her tits, she tried to stop me saying we had company, but I kept going, I opened her blouse and got her tits out for Tim to see. Mary still protested about being shy, I nodded to Tim and he took a nipple and started sucking, Mary started to moan and I knew she was nearly there, as Tim sucked and played with her tits I removed her skirt and panties to reveal her trimmed pussy to Tim. He took over and was in total control, he pushed her down on to the bed, spread her legs and started to eat her pussy. I sat watching with a massive erection, now I could understand the feeling. Mary was like she was in a trance as Tim ate her pussy, he stopped only to strip off revealing a nice big hard cock. He moved up beside Mary and forced it into her mouth, she just took it and was holding his hips as he fucked her mouth. Tim then positioned himself between her legs, rubbing his cock on her wet cunt, then looking at me he shoved it right in roughly, making Mary roar as she took it all. Mary bit her lip as this young guy fucked her, he told her turn over and she did, getting up on all fours to present her open pussy for his pleasure. He mounted her and like I told him to, he started to fuck her really hard and fast. Her tits were swinging wildly, the noise of his balls slapping her, it was such a thrill. Watching your wife screaming as she comes on another mans cock, and watching him fill her cunt with his seed as he pounds her is an experience you won't regret. When he pulled out I rolled her over on her back, I slid straight in, my cock covered in his juice, I kissed Mary as I came inside her, filling her up for the second time. We thanked Tim for a great night, he said he enjoyed it and if we fancy it again let him know. Mary said it was amazing too so I think we'll be getting her lots of cock from now on.