Written by Teddy

26 Oct 2016

Mary recently experienced her first MMF, and a new cock for the first time since we got married some time ago. Since then our sex life is brilliant, she dresses more sexy and is more confident in herself. I'm delighted with this as I get turned on by it, and I've been encouraging her to enjoy herself and teasing her to go further. Well last week Mary had a work conference in Dublin, and she took me up on my offer. She went to a bar and as it was midweek it wasn't busy, she sat at the bar and was soon chatted up by Patrick, a mature student and by all accounts a charmer after some mature pussy to tell his mates about. Mary was flattered and horney so she agreed to go back to his apartment, she knew he just wanted to use her but she wanted to use him as much and experience something to tell me about as we fucked. Once there they sat on the couch, drinking and petting, he had her tits out and was sucking them when his flat mate Sean walked in. Patrick didn't bother, he kept on sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. She was on fire and didn't want him to stop but was ashamed to be seen like this by his friend. Patrick kissed her deeply, and as he fingered her to orgasm, he asked if Sean could join in. Mary was gone to far to stop, and said ok. Patrick stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked his cock while Sean got busy eating out her pussy. When Patrick was hard he got between Mary's legs, he had no bother entering her, she was so wet. He fucked her hard while Sean pumped her mouth, Mary said her head was spinning as these two young men fucked her, they were good and she was enjoying being a slut, wishing I was there to see it. After a while Patrick started to moan and he unloaded his cum in my wife's cunt, Sean was quick to turn Mary over, and then he got behind her and pumped her cunt doggy style which she loves. Mary was in ecstasy, everyone was moaning and sweating, she felt so good being desired and ravished by these young men. It was all surreal now, she felt a cock being pushed into her mouth, she thought it was Patrick again but when she looked she saw it wasn't, it was black, their other flat mate Eric had come back and was taking his turn. It was obvious that they arranged it all, but at this stage Mary was well into the experience. Mary had never seen a black cock before, let alone fuck one. She looked up at Eric as he forced the massive head into her mouth, she took it and Sean pumping her cunt was driving her onto it. Sean unloaded into her and was quickly replaced by Eric, even though it was big she was able to take it easily with all the different cum running out of her. Eric fucked her hard, and she said his balls slapped her with every thrust, until he grabbed her hips and filled her pussy with his cum.

After that Mary said they chatted and had a drink, before she returned to her hotel. We had a great night when she told me, I fucked her with my head full of those other cocks enjoying her cunt, she really is making up for lost time.