Written by R

24 Jun 2018

A brilliant find... 33 and stunning looking brunette. She wasn't a 10/10 but a a close 8 or so and had a killer body. She was a friend of my work mates and she would be at most of our nights out. For about a month I didn't pay much attention to her because she was married but after some time we became good pals and would text and stuff.

I couldn't help but wish I could get with her. One night after a few drinks I asked her what she's doing going out on her own and if be a very jealous husband to have a wife this good looking going out on her own.... her answer was well that's his loss isn't it...

The next day I started messaging her just small talk at first , then things got more fun.Long story short, she invited me over to her place when her hubby was away. It was very clear that this was for sex... we were on face time and pretty much having phone sex when she said may be you should come over.

It was a gated estate and it was strange going in knowing I was going to fuck a married woman. I went in and had some small talk and she pulled me in for a kiss... we were on the living room couch.. she then went down and was giving me a blowjob and I wasn't even in the house 15 minutes. We fucked on the couch for a while before we went upstairs.. we used the spare bedroom... she was one hell of a fuck.. she knew how to work a dick ... we fucked for about and hour and I was about to cum when she pulled out and sucked it all up.. straight in.. I was speechless at how great she was... I didn't hang around for any small talk..

This went on for almost 2 months..I'd go to her place, purely for sex, she would cum a few times, then suck me off and swallow, and I'd leave. her husband was away at work for 2-3 night a at a stretch at-least once a week and I would fuck her at every opportunity we got. It was so wrong but felt so good... seeing his stuff around the house as I was fucking her, making sure that my cum wont get on the sheets in case he sees a stain. The poor guy had no clue, or may be did I don't know.. she was so good that I didn't care.