Written by TKMax

22 Sep 2016

A recent story on here about Berlin reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. Sara and I went to a swingers club, but at the time we were just starting out in the lifestyle. We just watched but we met some nice people, and one older English couple invited us to a meet and greet at their villa, we were in Spain at the time. We attended the gathering which was just a party, the usual things, music, drink and a barbecue. People just making friends with like minded people, we enjoyed it and our hosts, Richard and Susan, both much older than us at the time, they were about 55. We were 35 and probably the youngest people there, but everyone was really nice. As it turned out we ended up as the last ones there, apart from a single lady and she was about 65 or so. We were sitting in the lounge drinking and chatting when Richard got up and approached Sara, taking her hand and saying he would show her around the villa. Sara smiled and Richard took her upstairs, Susan then sat beside me on the couch, she placed her hand on my crotch as she said "you do know he's taking her upstairs to fuck her?". I was a little taken aback, but smiled and said she could look after herself. She laughed and pulled me to my feet, and said "I'll show you ". We went upstairs and my heart raced as I heard noises, there on a bed was Sara, on all fours, her tits out of her blouse swinging under her, her skirt up around her waist, and Richard behind her buried to the hilt in her pussy fucking her. She didn't see us, Richard just looked, smiling as he pumped her pussy. Susan smiled and took me to a room next door, she immediately went down on her knees and started sucking my cock. We got naked, my head was spinning, a mixture of excitement of this new pussy to fuck, and Sara next door being fucked drove me on, if he was fucking my wife I was going to fuck his. She had a lovely tight bald pussy, but I found out someone had got there earlier. I didn't mind, I climbed on her and started to fuck her. Just then her friend walked in and started watching, Susan put her hand out and said join us. Vera stripped off and lay on the bed next to us, she was really well tanned, her tits were sagging but blessed with big nipples, her pussy covered in silver hair. Susan and Vera started to kiss and fondle each other's tits, this turned me on so much, my cock was so hard. I reached over to finger Vera's pussy, it was so wet the hair covering it was matted and it gave off a sweet musky aroma. She moaned and started to buck as I fingered her, then Susan said "fuck her, give it to her, she's not had it for a while ", so I pulled out of Susan and got on top of Vera, my cock found its way through the hair into her warm pussy. I started to fuck her for all I was worth, and just as I emptied my balls deep inside her Sara and Richard came into the room. Richard just got on top of his wife beside me and fucked her, as Sara watched me finish of Vera. It was mad, I'd just fucked two women, one twice as old as my wife, and my wife was there getting fucked too. That's how it started for us, we all fucked again during our stay, and we've been enjoying some similar experiences ever since.