Written by Young1

31 Aug 2016

My friend Dan and I were on a night out on the town celebrating my 21st birthday. We ended up in a late bar in town and met up with a married couple that were on a weekend break, Sally was 44 and a real milf, long dark hair, nice slim body with 38 DD tits, her husband Greg was a bit older, maybe 55, but seemed very cool. She was dancing and having a great time, he seemed happy to just watch, and Sally loved the attention she was getting. She grabbed me and pulled me out on the dance floor, she was bumping and grinding and I was really turned on. I told her it was my birthday and she said she would make it a night to remember, so after explaining that she and her husband like to play with others, and after more drinks we all went back to their hotel.

My friend Baz was just as excited as I was, and once there Sally put on a show to remember. She danced with her husband and as they did he removed all her clothes, Baz and I had massive erections as we watched, at the end Sally was naked and her husband just presented her to us and sat in the corner watching as she approached me. She dropped to her knees and got my cock out, stroking it before giving me the best bj I ever had. She told us to strip and she lay on the bed, she spread her legs and beckoned me to her. Her pussy was completely shaved and open, really wet. I started to eat her pussy, it was amazing and so sweet. She beckoned Baz to her and started sucking his cock, she started to get really hot, and stopped sucking and ordered me to fuck her. I looked at her husband, he had his cock out and was wanking it, he nodded his approval so I went for it. It was amazing, here I was, fucking a beautiful sexy milf while she sucked my mates cock, and her husband watched. She was an amazing ride, she told me to bend her over and fill her up. I got behind her and fucked her as hard as I could, I held her hips as I emptied my load inside her. I pulled out and she just stayed in position, her arse in the air and her head on the pillow. Her husband ordered Baz to take my place," fuck the bitch and fill her up " he said. Baz did just that, playing with her big tits swinging under her as he emptied his load in her. Again she just stayed there, this time the husband got behind her, opening up her pussy, letting our cum drip out of her before mounting her and fucking her until he too came inside her. What a birthday that was, it's an amazing feeling fucking a pussy with the husband watching, leaving your seed in his wife's pussy. He said its amazing for them too, so everyone is happy, I hope to try it all again.