Written by TKMAX

21 Oct 2016

Sara and I live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, and we never play locally, until now. In our local a group of young lads, that we have seen grow up, had started to get interested in Sara, and one in particular, Steve. Lately he has been there any time we are, and always has a few words for Sara. As he got more familiar and especially after a few pints, he has become more sexual in his comments. Sara always tells me about it and it's a thrill for us, he told her all the other guys thought she was gorgeous and they wanted to guck her. Sara asked what he thought and he said, I'd love to fuck you too. This was making for some hot sex for us talking about it, and Sara was loving taking it further every time. At a charity event with live music Sara was in the crowd, and Steve got to stand behind her, he placed his hands on her hips, as the place was packed no one noticed and Sara didn't resist. Steve moved his hands up inside her top, pushing up her bra and feeling her tits, she let him and backed into him and felt his cock press against her. Steve whispered in her ear "can we go outside where I can fuck you?", but Sara said no.

A few weeks later we were at a late party and as we left Steve followed us, I looked back to see him talk to Sara, he had asked if she would meet him. Sara came and told me and said maybe we should take him home, I said if it's what you want, so we approached Steve and told him he had to be discreet about anything that might happen, it's a small town, he said he understood and said he too had a girlfriend.

At the house Sara started teasing him, showing him glimpses and he was getting really turned on. She did a lap dance for him and got totally naked, he was in heaven. Sara laid back on the couch, I got the ball rolling by sucking on her right tit, and fingering her bald pussy. Sara beckoned him to her and he joined me in fingering her cunt and sucking a tit. Sara got up, dropped to her knees and we quickly stripped. She looked at Steve as she took his 20 year old cock in her mouth, she took turns sucking us before she laid back on the couch and said "I need fucking, I want a cock, Steve?". He moved between her legs and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy, he hesitated and asked for a condom, "you don't need one Steve, just fuck me "so he pushed it in and started to fuck her.

Sara was moaning as the young stud fucked her, and when he said he couldn't believe he was fucking her pussy and that last night when he fucked his girlfriend he fantasised it was Sara. That brought Sara off, and Steve said he was ready and where would he cum? "inside me Steve, fill my pussy with your hot sweet cum".

He fucked her rapidly, and then with a few deep strokes I saw his buttocks tighten and I knew he was filling my wife's cunt with his cum. We went to bed and took turns fucking her and eating her pussy, and in the morning Steve was as concerned about discretion as we were, I'm sure it won't stop him coming back for more if he's asked!!.