Written by Milf1234

15 Mar 2018

Well as before my London 60th birthday was a real treat. We stayed at a very posh hotel i won’t stay anywhere if it doesn’t have at least4stars. I was dressed up and waiting for my husband in the lobby. I was wearing a tight black leather knee length skirt black seamed stockings my red high heels nice red blouse with a black bra underneath. Bright red shinny lipstick my hair up showing my big tarty earrings. The young waiter a young boy about 17 asked did I want a drink. I looked at him straight in the eye smiled and said no thank you. He was so young and cute. He was staring at me from the bar I pulled my skirt up to let him see my stocking tops. (I am a teasing bitch)I wanted him bad I forget want a young cock tasted like. I asked him could he do room service bring me up a drinkin 10mins. I went up stripped to my underwear told my husband who said he would watch from the bathroom. I answered the door and invited the young boy in. His eyes popped out of his head. He was shaking he had a bulge in his trousers. I signed for the drink and smiled. What’s wrong I asked never seen a milf before. Would you like to touch me I asked. He was shaking I took his hand and put in on my cunt which was soaking. I took out his cock a bit small but I was going to fix that. I taught him a lot that night his young spunk tasted really nice in my mouth. I took it all right down my throat. He moaned with pleasure. He’ll never be the same poor kid