Written by RL

11 Dec 2016

This is an time line from tonight

18:30 - Leaving for dinner, L is in a short black skirt and a red top with hold ups. No Bra just a very thin top and a jacket.

19:00 - Dinner, Small cafe, L showing off her tits. She is looking hot

20:30- Pub, L showing off her tits to anyone within 10 feet of us and her legs to the whole pub, few guys eyeing her up

21:00 - blow job in the bathroom, she swallowed

22:00 - I leave the pub, go home, L sitting on her own

22:30 - text : L gets a drink from a guy , young -mid 20s

23:00 - I am home, L still in the pub

00:20- text, ' bringing him home'

01: 00 - sound of keys, at apartment door

01:10 - L sucking his cock on the couch

01:20 - L getting fucked on the couch I am in the bedroom

01:40- I am still watching her get fucked

01:45-Young cock in her pussy, getting pounded hard

02:00 - She takes cum in her mouth

02:15 - Comes in to the room, gives me quick suck, swallows again

02:30- gives him a suck in the sitting room

02:45 - She is still getting fucked, I am going to bed