12 Jan 2020

We were out on a rare night out and had a couple of drinks before heading to our favourite Italian restaurant. We were greeted by the owner and shown to our favourite table in the dimly lit booth. The owner brought us over a bottle of champagne and told us his nephew would be looking after us this evening. He's only new here he said, so be nice..

A few minutes later, a tall tanned smiling waiter appeared at our table. He couldn't help but stare at my cleavage as I folded my arms while he poured the bubbly....we placed our order and while we waited, I slid my stockinged leg up to the groin of my husband. He gasped in delight knowing what was coming next.. when the waiter returned, I brushed against him as he placed the food on the table.. "thanks for this" I said breathlessly "I'm very hungry" with every passing course, I found another opportunity to touch him and flirt with him and when I dropped my fork, he bent down to pick it up and noticed what she was doing to her husband.. he blushed and swallowed and said he'd be back with dessert and I said I thought dessert was already here.

All too soon the meal was over so I called for the bill. When he left to get the card machine I scribbled a note on the receipt and we got up and left. My husband was surprised when I suggested going around the back of the restaurant for some fun, before heading further.. he couldn't believe his luck when I started kissing him passionately, my tongue teasing and probing, my hands roaming everywhere. The husband was just burying his head in my ample cleavage when a door opened "someone's coming" he said "so soon?" I giggled.. in an instant the young waiter was beside us at first just watching as we touched and teased each other but emboldened by me he stepped forward and kissed me while my husband had a dessert of his own.. feasting on my juicy wetness.. as I moaned with pleasure the waiter couldn't help but moan with his own desire.. he looked me in the eye and with a silent nod of approval from my husband, he lifted me up gently and thrust his hard cock into me.. he started to fuck me slowly and my husband came up behind me and was feeling my tits and kissing me as the waiter continued thrusting into me. This drove him wild so he fucked me harder and soon we came together, loudly. We fixed ourselves up and shared a cigarette and the waiter went back to work with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

I didn't want my husband going around with a dangerous weapon on him so I sucked him off fast and furiously while he thought about what had just happened. We went on our way sated but happy and wondered what the rest of the night would bring