3 Feb 2016

Hi all, like to reveal a story that happened a few years ago to me and my long time partner, i know she likes to get chatted up in the pub by strangers especially handsome mature single guys, one night i decided to take it a step further and found a guy online who was seeking a couple for dogging in north Kildare Dublin area, i messaged him and told him it was my fantasy to see her with another guy but wasn't sure she would be up for it, he suggested i take her to a layby ( sadly its long gone ) and he would pull in a few yards behind us and if i thought it would be on i could flash my brake lights a few times to let him know and if i didn't it is was ok he would just drive off, i was horny all week thinking of how it would go, that friday night i asked her to dress up nice in a sexy skirt, as i was taking her to a different pub than our local, she agreed and wore a dress with a full length zip down the front, a few guys chatted to us in the bar but nothing much happening, then on the way home i asked if we could pull in for a quickie at a layby i knew and to my surprise she greed, sure enough after fifteen minutes the guy in the van pulled in behind us, i flashed the brakes as agreed and in a few minutes he was beside us i, i opened the window a few inch's to let him see and thought she would get a bit mad about that but was surprised when she pressed the button and opened it all the way, he groped her ass as she gave me a nice blow job, i knew she was excited when she knelt on the seat and opened her zip down all the way, i said do you want him in , she said nothing only leaned in and opened the back door and let him in, within seconds they were fucking madly as watched him pound her pussy, afterwards we just drove home and never mentioned it again as if it never happened, always hoping we can meet a guy who will sweep her off her feet and we can get a repeat performance from her, here's hoping, thanks for reading and hope you all enjoy, . p.s. if that was you please get back in touch, Update, glad so many are reading, thank you all and please feel free to comment,