Written by TKMax

21 Nov 2016

Had another fab night again in the big smoke, Sara was feeling horney and we went to a lap dancing club to see who took her fancy. We usually have a great time there and it's a great place to meet horney guys that can give Sara what she loves. After drinking and going for dances she settled on a young guy there as part of a stag, as always Sara was greedy and said he could bring his mate if he was up for it. She was really horney and picked two guys that were a match for her, Dave was kissing her in the cab and had his hands all over her. Once in the room it was like a porno film, they had her naked in no time and pushed her back on the bed. They both stripped and Dave went straight for her pussy, he spread her legs and buried his head in her pussy. Paul had his cock in her mouth and was feeling her tits, they were going for it. Dave had Sara coming with his tongue, and after she did he climbed on top of her and rubbed the head of his cock on her slit, then pushed it into her wet pussy making her moan as he did. He fucked her hard and fast, " oh Paul, she's so fucking tight" he said as he fucked her. She pushed Paul away as she shouted "fuck me, give it to me, fill me up ", and with this Dave gave her a few long hard strokes and pushed his cock in to its limit as he came inside her. She was hot now and wanted more, she got up on all fours and told Paul " fuck me Paul, as hard as you can ". Paul got behind her and eased his cock into her well fucked pussy, Daves cum was dripping out of her but that didn't bother Paul. As he fucked her I shoved my cock in her mouth, I held her head and fucked her mouth, Paul was holding her hips and pumping her hard making her tits swing under her. I started to come in her mouth and this set Paul off and he gave her another load in her pussy. We all fucked her again after she sucked us back to hardness, she was well and truly fucked by the time the guys left, but she wasn't complaining.