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Jim 4 years ago

It's true

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3 min
I'm 32 and married for 8 years now, my marriage is ok but my wife is not very adventurous and sex is not a priority for her. I work for myself and my job provides me with opportunities to get some extra, and I don't think my wife would really care as long as I'm discrete. Recently I've been working for an elderly widow, Claire is in her late sixties but doesn't look it at all. She is a petite lady, always made up and very respected in our town. Over a number of weeks we have become friends, chatting over coffee and telling our life stories. She has been a widow for 15 years and I got a sense that she is lonely but would never admit it. She told me she loves our chats and feel free to call anytime. Well last week I did just that, it was in the morning and I was frustrated from not getting anything at home, I confided in Claire and she reassured me things would be fine. I don't know what came over me but as she was standing at the sink filling the kettle, I came up behind her and held her waist telling her she shouldn't look so sexy when I was feeling like I was, " oh stop, don't be saying things like that ", I cupped her tits in my hands and gently kissed her neck, she just put the kettle down and moaned softly. I took this as a green light and turned her around, I kissed her, forcing my tongue into her mouth, she responded and all of a sudden it was electric. I took her to the bedroom where I kissed her again, she didn't resist as I opened her skirt and it fell to the floor, her blouse soon followed, She said nothing as I stripped her, she had a great body for her age. I laid her back on the bed and I undressed in front of her, my cock was so hard. I climbed on the bed beside her, we kissed and I fingered her pussy, it was hairy but very wet. She reached out and grabbed my cock and started pulling it, "you have a lovely cock Jim " she said. I was taken aback by that, this grey haired old lady talking like that. "Do you want to suck it Claire?", "I've never done that Jim, I've seen it on tv but I will try ". She did try and made a good attempt, I was so horney I could have come but I was desperate to fuck her now I had got this far. "Your turn now" I said , getting between her legs and eating her pussy. She started moaning and shaking and came all over my face. I kissed her again, letting her taste her own pussy juice. I asked her "can I fuck your pussy?", "oh yes Jim, put it in me ". I got on top of her, I eased the head through the hair and felt her hot pussy lips, she moaned loudly as I pushed it all the way home. I told her how good it was, she responded by telling me "faster, fuck me faster ". I pumped her hard, sucking her tits and kissing her until I felt it building up, I reached out and held her hands in mine, I'm going to cum now I said and kissed her again as I emptied my load inside her. We lay there for a while after and talked, she asked if we could do it again and I said I'd love to, it was really good and it's an experience I'll never forget.

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