Written by Billyrae

10 Sep 2011

I was in Italy with my boyfriend and we decided to go to a Swingers Club. My boyfriend had been nagging me for months and I eventually decided to go. It was a beautiful sunny day and the venue was just outside Milan. When we arrived I was very nervous at the site of naked bodies all over the place. Anyway we took out clothes off and I just left on the bottom of my bikini. We lay outside in the sunshine on a sun lounger and almost instantly two different single guys came over and started wanking on my massive tits. I decided to give my boyfriend a blo job and he was really enjoying it. Then one of the guys said to my fella could he touch me and of course I said YES. So the stranger was fondling my tits, I was still giving head and the other stranger was watching and wanking. When this was over I was full of confidence and we headed inside to the main venue where it was really dark and all you could hear was moaning and pleasure. My boyfriend took me by the hand and threw me on the large circular bed when another couple came over and started touching my fanny, the woman was beautiful and I was sucking her fanny and fingering her and she was moaning with pleasure, at this time I also was giving her man a blo job and my own boyfriend was getting head from another woman, it was great to hear the sounds of my woman having an organism. My boyfriend was shouting lots of names at me like you f whore you bitch you just love this. at this time the room was full of people looking at us about 7 guys all wanking and watching. Then the original tit guy came in and I looked at him and he looked at me and I was already really horny so he asked my fella if he could fuck me, my fella was not happy and didnt want me to do it but I was so horny I didnt care. So tit guy put on a condom and I was now the main attraction on the large bed with eyes following my every move. I felt like a porn star and had no nerves whatsoever. I leaned over and stuck out my arse for tit guy to go at me doggie style. It was amazing my fella was starting to really enjoy it calling me lots of names and i just loved. I was moaning and could see my self in the mirror above the bed which made me hornier than ever. Tit guy was banging me hard and I was in heaven, the room was full and then several guys started to come and they all came on my back and on my ass. My man was now shouting at me to suck his cock which I did with great style. There was juice everywhere I was totally covered in it. tit guy came hard and loud as did my fella at the same time. It was a really good exciting adventure.