Written by arrow

5 Oct 2013

Ok so my partner went out with her friends and I tough id have a nite in... I got a call from a friend begging me to go out so I did after a few hours listening to him go on about leaving his new job after just a day I said fuck it in going home. I hade just finished a 60 hour week and wanted to sleep. Just before I left my partner called to say she was waiting for me and all I wanted to do was get home to her. So well on the way home i heard a noise just up a lane from our house. There had been a few brake in's as of late so I went for a look but to my surprise i found a couple fooling around. They stopped and looked at me and straight away I said "sorry for disturbing you" and turned away. Just as I was walking away a quiet voice said you can watch if you like I said ok then. They were in their mid 20 he looked pretty ordinary and she had nice curve's there fucked Wright in front of me and I was so horny watching them I didn't try to join in or touch myself. When they were done they walked past me she stopped looked at me and said thanks for the trip. I rushed home and told my partner all about it she got horny as hell and told me to meet her upstairs but wanted me to post this first hopping it would make other people horny thinking about us fuck...