Written by corkswap now single

9 Jan 2012


this kis a true story and it goes to show that mind what you sish for as it ight come through.

i was chatting to a lady on this site and we started to talk on the ohone, we arranged to meet and go to dinner and a few drinks

we met in the shelbourne hotel and went to the town grill for dinner, we had a great chat and were like any other couple but then she started to flirt with me, we finished dinner and went back to the bar of the shelboune, i sat on a stool and she stood at the bar counter, she refused the stool, lolwe had a great chat and we laughed all night, next thing we are kissing and she straddles my knee in the shelbourne bar and starts to dry hump my knee, as she was humpimg my knee i felg my trousers getting wet, looked wown and she was after cumming, i slipped my hand up the front of her dress i noticed she was not searing a knickers, and stated to finger her, we left the bar and got a room, we went to the room and as soon as we got in the door she stripped my trousers nd started to lick the precum from my cock, swhe loves precum she said, i went down and opened here pussy and started to lick her pussy and clit and she was going wild i raised her legs up really hight and proceed to rim her asshold he was squirming everywhere and dying for me to fuck her ass with my tongue, i did fuck it and she started cumming and beging for me, the next thing i know she is squirting eveywher and begging for my cock in her pussy, this is a very true story and if you want to know what happened next let me know