Written by artv

31 Mar 2010

I dont think I have ever been worried about the size of my cock. I seen some of the guys in the porn flicks and have been duly impressed. But I never really wished I was that size. What I would like to make longer, though, is my tongue. Especially now with my head between her legs.

* * * * *

Boy, it had been a bad week. A bad month, even. Both of us were up to our eyes in work. come home at 10 at night and shed be back at 11. She would come home early at 9, and I would just be dragging myself in the door at close to midnight. Stupid, damn, high-powered professional careers. Both of us were exhausted all the time. It had been weeks since we did it. Oh well, at least a wedding was coming up and we had solemnly promised each other quality time. We would get a chance to take a weekend out and be together again.

The week before the wedding she said that she had been out shopping.

I bought some new stuff, she said mysteriously. I think you will like it.

Good, I mumbled, as my head hit the pillow. What a pathetic existence for two young professionals.

The weekend of the wedding arrived. We finagled a half day each on Friday, loaded the car and headed out to the country. It would be a long drive, but we were happy to be together and away from the city and work. We arrived at the hotel, threw our bags on the bed and she immediately shuffled me off in to the shower.

I made sure to soak, wash and rinse all the important areas and was finished quickly. I had the towel wrapped around my waist when she came in to the bathroom. She stood behind me and placed her hands on my hips. She slipped them under the towel. Then she ran them slowly up and down the outsides of my legs. I could feel myself hardening. She was looking around me at my crotch to watch my erection grow. Her hands keep moving and my cock felt first contact with the towel hanging over me as a small bump appeared.

What is this I see? she asked teasingly.

Her hands kept moving up and down. Occasionally they would venture to the front of my thighs to tease the sensitive skin just below my balls and cock. I was fully erect now, enjoying the rubbing, the closeness and the promise of sex. She grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times.

You keep that thought now while I shower she said.Shouldnt I join you? I asked hopefully.Youll have to wait,she said at her teasing best.

She shoved20me out the door and I was left in the empty hotel room alone with my thoughts or should I say my thought, singular. There was just one thing on my mind. Me and my hard on sat down on the edge of the bed and waited.

The shower stopped. After a few moments she stepped out of the bathroom. She had one towel on her head and another wrapped around her body. She had dried off but there were still beads of water running down her body. She walked over and stood in front of me. Her legs straddling mine and she looked down at me with a knowing smile on her face.

Her hands dropped to her side and she slowly lifted her towel up her thighs. My cock tightened with every millimetre the fabric rose. I leaned in to kiss her smooth skin and ran my tongue along her inner thigh. She kept hiking the towel until her pussy was visible. She was already aroused, her lips were wet and parted. And she had just shaved in the shower.

Nice and smooth for your licking pleasure,she said.

Youre so thoughtful,I joked back while I ran an appreciative finger down the right hand side of her smooth vulva, teased her inner lips and continued on up the left hand side of her mound. I leaned in and gave her clitoral hood a quick, teasing lick. But that was all. There was no point jumping that far ahead just yet.

I tugged at her towel to make it fall to the floor.

That more like it, 0I thought. Now I can see everything.

Starting just above her knees, I ran both my hands up her legs and back to her bum. Always nice and firm, it was even more so during sexual pleasure. I drew my hands forwards across her hips and lower stomach and down to her pussy and then off to her thighs and back up to her bum. This time I leaned in and licked her lips. Her hands fell to my head while she enjoyed my tongue on her pussy. After a couple of flicks with my tongue she moved to the bed and laid on her back, legs open beckoning me with her index finger.

Continue,she smiled.

I lay on top of her first and kissed her on the mouth. Then I moved to her neck and her breasts, taking time to follow the outlines of each nipple with my tongue. I continued downwards, kissing her breasts and stomach. Under her belly button just above her area, I detoured to the right and kissed and licked my way gently down the front of her leg. I stopped a little way down and began to work my way back up the inside of her thigh. Then as I reached her pussy, I gave her a little peck and flicked her lips. But then I moved over to start kissing the inside of her left thigh. Youre an awful tease, she gasped.

I looked up at her. She had been looking at me all the time as I explored her body with my mouth.

It makes your orgasms better. I only doing it for you, I replied all innocence.

Truth be told, it really got me wound up too. With my hands busy rubbing her legs or caressing her mound, or with fingers slipped inside her vagina, my erection during these sessions was left to its own devices. With no attention being lavished on it, it became more insistent. It screamed for attention. It wanted action. It became harder. It pushed out further; it felt longer. But neither of us could help it. The best I could do was lie on the bed between her legs and feel my hard on throb under my stomach. It would see action soon enough after she had cum.

I continued working on her left thigh. I kissed the smooth, silky flesh all the way up to her pussy. I kissed her smooth mound once or twice. She was well aroused by now. I leaned my head back to take a look. Her lips were engorged, wet and slightly parted. Her breathing had changed to shorter, quicker breaths. My cock throbbed a little more under me. I could feel the precum wetting my stomach. I lightly placed my tongue on the bottom of her left labia and slowly worked upwards and outwards towards her clit. She drew her breath in gasps during the long, slow lick. I ran my tongue around it just once but felt it was too soon to do much there yet. I ran my tongue down her right lip and ran it back down. When I got to the bottom, I started upwards again all the time pushing her left labia outwards. Her breathing had changed completely now. She was in another pl ace, lying back, gasping and moaning softly. At the top of her pussy, I worked down and pushed her right lip outwards. At this point I stopped to admire my handiwork. Her lips were wide open. She was wet. Her passage was clearly visible. My cock throbbed twice under me as if nodding approval.

I leaned in again and let my lips make contact with hers, as if French kissing. I pushed my tongue out as far as it would go in to her passage. If my fairy godmother had appeared right then and offered a larger cock or longer tongue, I would have gone for the tongue. No questions asked. I licked around inside her as far as I could reach. I was French kissing her vagina, involuntarily making yum yum sounds all the time. She was moaning now, her hips pushed forward placing her pussy completely at the disposal of my mouth.

I drew back again, then leaned in once more and licked her all the way up to her clit. I circled it gently a few times with my tongue. I pursed my lips. I placed them on her clit and sucked gently on the hood. She drew a long, slow pleasured breath inwards. I let the hood slip from between my lips and let my tongue wander around until it found her clit.

It was only now that I realised my hands had been doing nothing more than rubbing her legs and stomach. My right hand moved towards her pussy and I slid my index finger inside. My, she was wet! I loved it after she had cum and was still wet like this. My cock slid in so easily. My hard on tightened more in anticipation.

I took my finger out, and slid it and my middle finger in together. She felt that better, tightened her buttocks and hips, and pushed her pussy against the penetration. I crooked my fingers towards me and went looking for her G spot. Meanwhile my tongue was drawing little wet circles around her clit. My fingers found what they were looking for and started to massage her insides.

She was moaning freely now. My cock was hard as a rock beneath my belly. It was straining for action. It had tightened my bum muscles with the effort. Meanwhile, my mind was totally engaged in the job of getting this beautiful woman to an orgasm. As my fingers and tongue worked, I was intently aware of her breathing, her sounds and her movements. If I found a place that elicited a better reaction, I concentrated on it. Some days she liked me to suck her clitoral hood, other days she liked me to lick little circles around it. This was one of those days, my I let my tongue do its work.

I needed to concentrate. I knew she was close. This was such a turn on! I had to finish her off properly. I continued to circle her clit. I went clockwise, then changed direction. I continued to massage her G spot.

She was getting close. Her moans were getting shorter and more frequent. Her pleasure was taking over. Her subconscious was in charge now. Her upper legs twitched. Her hips jerked. Her stomach tightened for a secon d. She cried out quickly. Her thigh muscles flexed. She drew a sharp breath inwards. Her pussy muscles squeezed my fingers, released them, squeezed them again. Another sharp spasm. Another cry of pleasure.

Then all at once: a sharp cry while at the same time her legs snapped close on my cheeks while her whole body racked with spasms of pleasure. She gasped quickly and repeatedly. Her whole body convulsed. Legs twitched against my face.

I pulled back and got up on my knees to watch her pleasure. My cock was rock hard as I watched her orgasm continue. Its turn had come. I parted her legs�¦