8 Jun 2017

Local woman who work in the local shop Mary (not her real name) I chatted with her on Bank Holiday Monday at the shop about most things that had happened over the weekend, been the long weekend as you know the shop was not as busy as a normal Monday. I had established that her husband was gone to the local cattle mart and would not be home until about 4 or 5pm. Mary was finishing work at 1.30pm. I had previous encounters with both Mary and her Husband at the local and sharing the same Taxi home, I asked if she wanted to meet for a coffee later in the city ,Mary say no to the city and asked sure if I was passing her house give a call in telling about the hubby been away at the market.

I called to the house at 2.15pm on Monday 5th June and when I knocked on the door to my amazement Mary cross the kitchen floor Braless seeing through the kitchen window she opened the door and said come this way . She caught me by the waist of my trousers and pulled me after her and told me to slip off my clothes quick and give her what she needs.

WE both started by kissing on the lips until we went deeper to the tonsils. I started to feels the sext curves around her sexy body and as I was feeling around her fanny and arse I could feel the wet patch , I said Mary your are wet she replied yes I am but I will be really drenched shortly . I am gagging for your weapon J she said let it out to me for some tongue teasing as she measured it with her middle finger to her wrist ,J she said I want every fucking inch of it inside me. I was getting excited as much as Mary and before I was getting too heated up I said we go to the other bedroom where I had mounted her on previous occasions. Mary said no you will fuck me on my bed I said what about if Hubby come back and

catches us on their own bed . fuck that she said you ride me on our bed , so we carried on. I went down on Mary and licked and fingered at the same time she squirted cum at me and yes the sheets were wet . Mary sucked me off and swallowed

my cum then we both kissed and I gave her a rimming in the anal and she was electric , fuck turned on was just not the proper saying and the heat off the two of us as it lashed rain outside , we had it all in good fun ,oral, rimming, fisting, and riding , I am so much relieved to thing back all those years when Mary as a young girl whom was more interested in a son of mine not me. So like the man's bed , one man's lose is another mans gain

Looking forward to sharing many more Taxi home with Mary and her wonderful husband

Hopefully coming weekend