Written by Bryan48

21 Feb 2016

If I were fortunate enough to meet you, a single female for some hot fun, this is what might happen. I like fairly normal, sex. I love to give and receive oral pleasure.

I would like to start it all off in this manner. I would l undress you, slowly, piece by piece. I myself would be naked from the waist up at first. You, the lady could remove my jeans and underwear later. I’d like to begin by kissing and nibbling around your ear lobes and slowly going towards your neck. If you are wearing a blouse, and hope you would be, as I love opening buttons, I’d start to unbutton the garment, one by one all the way down to your waist. Then from behind, I’d remove the blouse, to reveal your bra. Again, from behind, I will unhook your bra, to release your breasts. I would then cup each breast in my hands, squeezing them gently. As I do so I’ll press my body close to yours, to let you feel my hard cock getting bigger inside my trousers.

Then from the front once again, I will continue to concentrate on your breasts. Probably your nipples will be rock hard by now.My tongue will dart and flick and lick at your hot nipples, making them harder and coating them with a little saliva. Hope fully I’ll hear some soft moans of pleasure from you, as you probably will from me too, at this stage .

Hopefully you will be wearing a skirt, rather than trousers or jeans. As you remain standing, I’ll get on my knees. From your breasts. Il’ slowly edge down towards the waistband of your skirt, licking and kissing your tummy and navel as I go .Once I reach your waist, I’ll search for the button to open the skirt. It will then fall to the floor and I will have a full view of your underwear, hopefully a skimpy G String, as these items turn me on so much.

I would ask you to lie back on the bed. For a few seconds, I will gently finger your pussy through the fabric of your g string, just to acknowledge its presence. But for the moment I will let it remain hidden inside the panties, simmering and slowly coming to the boil.

At this stage I’ll remove my jeans, leaving my underwear on for the moment. I’ll return to the warm, juicy pussy a little later to stoke it up a lot more. To get there I will take the scenic route, staring at your feet. I love to suck and nibble on ladies toes.

Slowly and surely I’ll work my way up your legs, licking at your calf muscles. Onwards then towards the knees, but biding my time as I believe that foreplay shouldn’t’ be rushed. It’s important to build up the arousal level to the highest point possible. I’m glancing now towards your g string once again. It’s still on, and I notice your fingers toying with your rock hard nipples. My cock is almost as hard as it can go, by now. This is now my favorite part of the erotic exploration, from your knees to the inside of your thighs, as I edge ever closer to my goal, your warm and waiting, and exposed pussy.Soon my tongue is back, flicking at the fabric protecting your hottest organ. You signal for me to remove the last item of clothing. I do so as gently as possible. You arch your back to allow me to pull the panties down, over your hips, across your knees and onto the floor.

I’ll take time to gaze in admiration at your red, wide open, juicy pussy.You guide my face closer inviting me to taste your vibrant juices. My tongue finds your clitoris. Before I’m finished I want to bring you to your first pulsating orgasm of our session. When having sex I always make a point, to ensure that my female partner has an orgasm first. I just crave hearing your unrestricted moans as your body lets go and achieves its highest level of sexual pleasure.

After this it will be over to you to work your magic and charm on my body, lavishing me with the oral that I crave, and which will prime my rock hard cock for penetration and more earth shattering orgasms for both of us.

This is what I like to do with a female partner…..but of course all of this is a mere guideline. If you’re a single female, or couple then don’t hesitateto get in touch and see where we can take things to.